Garbage Dump Service

Garbage dump service tends to fall into two categories – a service where your curbside pick up company takes your garbage to a landfill or dump that their company has a contract with, or you taken your garbage to a transfer facility yourself. While there are a few landfills in Northampton County, PA, most companies will encourage you to use a transfer station for a number of reasons. Many residents also prefer using a transfer station because they are cleaner and easier to use. A transfer station is an important part of garbage dump service because they are easier and more convenient.

Transfer stations provide a number of different services, all in one location, for Northampton County and Bethlehem residents. Not only will they accept household garbage, but they also usually offer recycling services and some offer green waste services as well. However, be aware that disposing of hazardous waste, such as batteries, electronics, paints, anything flammable, asbestos materials, etc., is absolutely not to be dumped at a transfer station. If you want to know if a transfer facility is able to accept hazardous materials, and which hazardous materials they will accept, you must call ahead of time and inform any employees when you arrive so that they can direct you to the appropriate disposal area. Under no circumstances should you dispose of hazardous material with the rest of your garbage! Be aware that if you do dispose of hazardous material with the rest of your garbage you will be responsible for any damage that occurs, and if the facility is fined for improper disposal of hazardous waste related to your error you will be responsible for those fines as well!

Garbage Dump Service
Garbage Dump Service

While a landfill or dump is an outdoor facility, one of the more pleasant parts of a transfer station is that it provides cover so you’re not exposed to the elements while you are throwing your trash out of your vehicle. There are some basic safety guidelines that should be followed when using any garbage dump service like a transfer station: wear protective equipment such as safety googles and reflective clothing so that other vehicle drivers can see you more easily. You must also wear proper footwear; no open toed shoes or heels. You want shoes that have a hard or thick sole so that if you step on something it won’t puncture your foot. Some facilities even require you to wear a hard hat.

If you want to use a garbage dump service like a transfer station, you will also want to familiarize yourself with the facility rules. These rules tend to be fairly standard across all transfer stations in zip code 18020 and include speed limits, heavy equipment right of way, age limits, accident reporting and other rules that help to keep the facility safe and experiences positive there at the transfer station. While using a transfer station is sometimes cheaper than having your regular garbage collection service pick up large quantities of garbage, it is still a potentially dangerous facility and rules must be followed for everyone’s safety.


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