How to Avoid Hidden Fees When Renting a Dumpster

Watch Out For Hidden Dumpster FeesDumpster rentals play a crucial role in renovation and construction projects. Unfortunately, many people are scared away from dumpster rentals when they hear about “hidden fees” in the industry.

At all Eagle Dumpster Rental locations, we have a strict policy on hidden fees: our contracts are specifically designed to be easy-to-understand. We’ll walk you through everything to ensure you’re left with no surprises at the end of your bill. We do not charge hidden fees.

Unfortunately, not all dumpster rental companies work that way. Today, we’re going to explain how you can avoid fees when renting a dumpster.

Ask The Dumpster Rental Company Four Simple Questions

Most dumpster rental companies offer free estimates. When you receive this estimate, you’ll want to make sure it answers specific questions about your rental agreement, including:

1) What is the pickup and delivery fee?

2) What will tonnage cost?

3) What is the price of the dumpster rental?

In some cases, dumpster rental companies will just tell you one price upfront. You might inquire about the cost of renting a 20 yard dumpster, and they’ll respond by saying, “$200 for one week”. Once you get your bill, however, you’ll learn that this price only covered the dumpster rental – and the delivery and pickup were an extra $50 each way.

To avoid this problem, ask your dumpster rental company just one more question:

4) Are there any other fees or charges that will be added onto my invoice?
Ideally, you’ll be asking all of these questions through email – which means you’ll have a written record of your agreement.

Alternatively, some dumpster rental companies will outline all of this information in their contract, and then you sign the contract when the dumpster arrives at your doorstep.

The important thing is to have the pricing information in writing, including an agreement from the company that you won’t be charged any additional fees.

Ask About Any Extra Fees for Certain Waste Disposal

From recyclables to hazardous materials, the waste from your renovation project doesn’t always end up in the landfill. You might have unique waste that requires special treatment.
Your dumpster rental company will try to warn you about these fees upfront, but it’s not always possible until they see what they’re dealing with.

It’s bad business for dumpster rental companies to dump hazardous waste in the wrong section of the landfill. Make sure you understand your bin rental company’s fees for any special waste.

Ask Your Company to Show You the Weight Ticket at the Dump

Many dumpster rental companies have started doing this automatically.

However, if you’re suspicious about your dumpster rental company overcharging you, or if you don’t believe your junk weighed that much, then simply ask for the weight ticket from the landfill.

Understand that Not All Estimates Are 100% Accurate

In a perfect world, every dumpster rental company would always provide 100% accurate quotes.
Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Dumpster rental companies can’t predict everything you’re going to throw in your dumpster. They can’t guess exactly how much weight is going to be created from your kitchen renovation.

With that in mind, understand that there will often be small changes between your initial estimate and your final invoice.

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