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A small borough in Delaware County, PA with under 10,000 residents calling Prospect Park home, this small but thriving city is located just ten miles of Center City, PA. It is well known throughout the greater Philadelphia area as being one of the more well-connected areas when it comes to public rail transportation. As a tight-knit community, everyone is more or less familiar with the daily lives of their neighbors making it a friendly place to reside. Tourism is encouraged and strangers are treated as friends, making Prospect Park a great place to visit in a relaxing atmosphere with a worry-free environment. There are several nature-rich areas to walk and hike through including a few small rivers running along the roads.

Best Dumpster Rental in Prospect Park PA Prospect Park residents take keeping the environment clean and free of pollution seriously as anyone who passes through will notice first-hand. The city provides a time slot for bulk garbage pickup now and then, but many residents look to private dumpster rental companies to handle bigger projects such as community cleanups or home construction/remodels. Eagle Dumpster Rental is now operating as a local Prospect Park dumpster rental business as part of our continued effort to clean up Pennsylvania. We are an environmentally conscious waste management company who heavily emphasizes the recycling process of all waste removal. We sort through all of our garbage hauls at the dump to ensure everything possible is recycled in order to do our part in keeping the Delaware County environment free of waste.

Renting a Dumpster in Prospect Park is Easy through Eagle!

Haul Off Dumpsters for Prospect Park’s Jobs

Prospect Park dumpster rental No matter what the job is, our massive 20-yard roll away dumpsters are suited for the task. All types of materials and waste are easily hauled off in our 60 foot receptacles and brought over to the local waste processing and recycling facilities for sorting and disposal. Huge blocks of concrete, thousands of pounds of dirt and rocks, full trees, grass trimmings, lumber, plywood, drywall, etc are all perfectly acceptable and commonly disposed of items here at Eagle Dumpster. We also handle some hazardous materials such as car batteries and old engine parts, however, if you’re looking to dispose of quantities of industrial waste, you’ll want to give us a call and go over what it is you need disposed of before we can commit to a rental. Certain hazardous materials are both state and federally regulated in order to protect the environment from malicious business practices. Eagle Dumpster Rental strictly adheres to all Prospect Park/Delaware County waste management rules and regulations as we are an Eco-friendly company. Call today and we’ll go over everything with you – we make the process as convenient for you as possible!

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