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Bordering Philadelphia, PA, Millbourne is a decent sized borough in Delaware County with over 16,000 people living per square mile. It is home to a historic bridge and mill dam dating back over a hundred years and still fully functional. One funny piece of trivia about the city is that back in the early 1990s someone’s pet cougar got loose from it’s home and roamed the city. The local residents actually fed it McDonalds Big Macs to prevent it from going hungry; the last sighting of the cougar was years later roaming around the woods despite the Millbourne Police Department’s efforts to capture it.

Best Dumpster Rental in Millbourne PA Despite the strange story about a loose Cougar in the town, Millbourne is a great town and is populated with a diverse group of friendly people who love living in the area. Eagle Dumpster is proud to offer low-cost dumpster rental in Millbourne PA as part of our effort to expand throughout Delaware county and surrounding counties as well. We offer full-service dumpster rental including bin delivery and pickup as well as deal with the entire disposal process at the dump. Renting a dumpster from us requires you only to pick up the phone and tell us when and where; we’ll handle the rest. We haul your bin off to the dumpster, make sure it’s all sorted according to whether it’s recyclable or not, and work with the waste management facility accordingly. Any price quote you receive from us over the phone or email is the price you’ll be paying when the job is all said and done; we don’t believe in unexpected fees or add-on transportation costs as an unpleasant surprise waiting for you when the bill comes.

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Materials We Haul Out of Millbourne PA

Millbourne dumpster rental As a professional dumpster rental company servicing Millbourne PA, we’ve taken jobs hauling all kinds of materials off from construction sites and households. We provide the dumpsters capable of holding things such as raw lumber, metals, rocks, large volumes of dirt, gravel, pavement, cement, tree clippings, rubber tires, old car batteries, kitchen appliances, drywall, support bars, roofing tiles and materials, screen doors, old windows and more. Pretty much anything outside of toxic chemicals are allowed to be taken to the local dump where everything is sorted and processed accordingly. If you have a question regarding whether or not what you need thrown away is considered a hazardous material you can give us a call and ask one of our knowledgeable support staff.

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