Garbage Collection Service

Choosing a garbage collection service in Northampton County, PA, is more than just deciding who will pick up your trash every week. With more and more people engaging in home renovation projects on their own, alternative garbage collection services such as bulk item pick up, construction equipment disposal and dumpster rental is really important. If you are looking to begin a project at home that you feel will need alternative garbage collection service it’s important to know what to consider when making calls and requesting cost estimates.

First, you will need to make an educated guess at the amount of garbage your project will create. If you think that your project will create a large amount of garbage you may want to consider a bigger container than a trash can, such as a dumpster. Dumpsters come in four sizes. However, if you don’t think you will need more than an extra pick trash can then it may be cheaper to just let your garbage collection service know that you will have a little extra trash to pick up at your normal pick up time, or to take the extra debris to the dump yourself.

Garbage Collection Service
Garbage Collection Service

If your project will require having large items such as fridges or sofas removed this is known as a bulk item pick up and you’ll want to be sure your garbage collection service does this. Some garbage collection services will ask that you call and report a bulk item before your garbage collection service day. They may also have certain requirements for large items such as removing appliance doors and taking out Freon. Most companies will also tell you that their employees will not be able to remove bulk items from your home, they must be placed at the curb. This is to protect their liability and is pretty standard across all companies.

Knowing what qualifies as hazardous waste, and what to do with it, is also important if you’re looking for a garbage collection service in zip code 18020. Hazardous materials are considered unacceptable waste. Many garbage collection services simply don’t have the facilities available to properly dispose of these sorts of items or may not have the proper equipment for their employees to make sure that they can be handled safely. If you are attempting to dispose of anything acid, anything with infectious waste, oil waste or gas, anti-freeze, chemicals, batteries, asbestos siding and insulation, or any other poisonous materials you will want to find a Northampton County hazardous waste pickup company. Only a hazardous waste pick-up company is properly prepared to safely handle the disposal of hazardous material.

Lastly, if your project is a yard related project and you’ll be handling a lot of plant matter waste, you will want to avoid including that waste with your regular garbage. Most garbage collection services do not accept yard waste such as grass clippings. Instead you should find a facility that handles green waste so that things like branches, piles of weeds, and grass clippings can be mulched and reused.

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