Dump Truck Service

Hiring a dump truck service in Northampton County, PA is almost always better than renting a dump truck yourself. Dump truck rentals can cost more than a thousand dollars depending on how long the rental period is for. If you hire a dump truck service then you can avoid the hassle of trying to manage mileage limits and figuring out which add-ons such as special insurance or coverages that you may not be sure if you need.

There are other benefits to hiring a dump truck service to help with your garbage or construction needs. One of the most important is that a dump truck service doesn’t just provide the truck, they also provide a commercially licensed and insured driver to handle the truck and help you get the truck loaded in a way that keeps your property and their truck safe. If you rent a truck any damages that happen while loading, transporting and dumping your debris are your fault, but if you’ve hired a dump truck service then they are the responsibility of the company that you have hired to handle all of it.

Dump Truck Service
Dump Truck Service

Another excellent benefit to hiring a dump truck service instead of renting a dump truck is that you don’t have to stop working while your debris is hauled to the dump! Because the service company provides their own driver who can handle the dumping themselves, you are free to continue working on your project without having to stop and wait for the truck to return. This cuts down on the number of hours that you need to have the truck there which saves you money! This is an even better deal when you consider that since you’re paying by the hour, not for a whole day or by the load, you could finish a project that might take all day in a few hours and this frees up your time for other important parts of a project – like finishing it!

When you’re looking to hire a dump truck service in zip code 18020, there are a few steps you’ll want to take. First you’ll want to begin planning a few months in advance by calling different companies and finding out about their prices and what those prices include. A good dump truck service should charge you by the hour, not the day, and this helps to keep their prices lower than a rental. If you’re comfortable, once you have differing prices, you can try to barter with different companies to see if you can get them to either lower their price or improve what they are offering. If you’re not convinced you’re getting a better price than if you rented a truck, take your dump truck service quote and call up a dump truck rental company. Compare not just the price, but what’s included in the price. Talk to your dump truck service and let them know what sort of project you are planning to do and they should be able to offer you a rough cost estimate that will let you know if a rental is cheaper or more expensive.

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