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If you are planning to rent a container, finding a good container supplier is very important. You want to work with someone who is knowledgeable, whose prices are reasonable, and who will help you pick the right container for your needs. While some containers can be purchased from a local hardware store, like large trash cans and recycling containers, larger or specialized containers will need to come from a supplier. Sharps and needle containers, for example, will likely be provided by your doctors office or through a medical supply company.

Your container supplier is going to have rules for what can and cannot be disposed of in their containers. For example, a sharps container shouldn’t have things like tissue paper shoved into it. A recycling container shouldn’t have garbage or green waste in it. No garbage container should have hazardous materials placed in it. It is important to ask your container supplier about the rules for what can be included in your container so that you make sure nothing prohibited finds its way into the container you are using or renting. It is important to understand that your container supplier may not pick up their container and may charge you extra fees if you have put inappropriate items into the container.

Container Supplier
Container Supplier

A container supplier will also have rules on how much weight a container like a dumpster can hold. In general, it is a good idea not to fill a dumpster past the water level line with normal household garbage. If you are doing a remodel and may be throwing away heavier items like concrete, brick or rock, you should not fill the dumpster more than halfway. If you’re not sure if your materials are considered normal or heavy, speak with your container supplier and see.

When working with a container supplier in Northampton, PA, you will want to find someone who services your area and offers delivery and pick-up times that are convenient for you. You will also want to make sure that they have contact numbers that will be usable during the times you will be filling the container so that if there is a problem you can get in touch with them quickly. Call around and get quotes from the different container suppliers in zip code 18020. Talk with them about what sort of container you will need based on what project you are doing. There are many different types and sizes of containers for all different types of projects. Remember that if you’re working on a home remodeling project you may be able to get your neighborhood to share the cost of a large roll-off container if everyone is allowed to use it.

Larger containers, such as recycling, garbage cans or dumpsters, most commonly have their size described in cubic yards. For a matter of comparison, a regular curbside garbage or recycling container is about 2 yards and may be as large as 4 yards. A smaller dumpster will likely be fifteen yards, and roll-off containers begin at twenty cubic yards.

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