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Originally named Jacksonville PA, Unionville is a township located in the southern part of Chester County, Pennsylvania. The area is home to a few local parks and an abundance of greenery and trees to enjoy on a day’s stroll through the town. The city works hard to keep the parks free of green debris, fallen branches, leaves, etc. as well as keeping the grass trimmed and the weeds pulled. As you can imagine with all of the acreage of plants in the area, a lot of green waste is produced and has to be taken off to a recycling center so it can be turned into mulch and other reusable materials. This much green waste takes up a large volume of space which is one of the things the city park planners must account for when doing regular maintenance.

Best Dumpster Rental in Unionville PA Eagle Dumpster Rental has a solution: Unionville dumpster rental Philadelphia delivered and picked up to the parks and natural areas the maintenance takes place in. This provides a one-stop solution to where all of the green waste is going to be stored and how it’s going to be hauled off to a proper facility. We take care of every step of your waste management process except physically filling the dumpster up with waste. Our delivery trucks show up the morning you schedule a delivery (or, in many cases, same-day delivery is available) as well as picking it up the day you’re done. All of our prices have pickup, delivery, transportation and disposal built in to the quote so you’ll never have any unexpected surprises when it comes to pay the bill.

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Unionville dumpster rental We pride ourselves in being a local Unionville, PA company serving the community to keep it a waste-free environment to live in. We take your garbage seriously because, just like you, we don’t want to live around it either. We go to great lengths to help protect the environment from excess waste and pollution by taking your junk to the Chester County waste management and recycling facilities. From there everything will be sorted according to material, if it’s recyclable, if it’s compost or not, etc. and placed in the designated location for future processing. We care about the environment just as much as you do so you can rest assured when we haul off your junk it’s in good hands with Eagle Dumpster Rental!


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