Why Do Dumpster Companies Get Technology Awards?

As a dumpster rental company, many people might think that we fall under some kind of waste management category. While that is true, we are not the only dumpster company that could appear under a technology award list – in fact, it has happened quite a few times in the past.

We have worked with countless customers and client companies to help them dispose of debris or clear out an old home, offering dumpster rentals that are specially tailored to each client’s needs. However, some of our focus is also on improving our own services – and winning awards for it.

Eagle Dumpster Rental delivers to all towns, census designated places, and unincorporated communities in Washington County, MD, including Hagerstown, Williamsport, Smithsburg, Sharpsburg, Keedysville, Hancock, Funkstown, Clear Spring, Boonsboro, and all other areas within Washington County.

But why do dumpster companies like us get these awards, and why are the awards so important for us? More importantly, how can they benefit you as a new or existing customer?

Technology Awards for Dumpster Rentals?

While it might sound strange at first, we use a lot of technology in our day-to-day operations. In fact, key technology is important for making each rental go smoothly, and we have to combine different pieces of equipment together each time we drop off or pick up another rental dumpster.

Technology is often taken to mean digital systems – which we also use to manage rental information efficiently – but it can mean anything that aids the customer’s experience. In our rentals, we always try to put the customer first, making the experience as convenient as possible.

A large part of how we handle rentals is by assisting the customer in finding out what they need. The average person knows very little about dumpsters, so helping them pick out a rental that suits their upcoming project is an important step in getting them what they need.

Our Improvements

We constantly work to improve the quality of our services, and the awards serve as a good goal to aim for. Most awards are yearly, meaning that they can be re-earned every year as long as a company has progressed and improved enough – so we will constantly be trying to better ourselves.

Many of these awards are based on either a company’s financial performance, customer experience, or a combination of both. For us, these are the same thing – without good service, we would not be retaining customers, and improving it could always draw in more clients.

Because of this, we are constantly trying to aim for bigger and better heights while still serving our customers properly. If you need a dumpster for some important renovation or construction work, we can provide it hassle-free and with minimal stress on either end.

How Does This Benefit Customers?

An award might seem like a very specific thing that only benefits the company that receives it, but that is not quite the case. In fact, these awards can benefit customers in multiple direct ways, especially if you are a repeat customer who has worked with us previously.


One of the biggest problems with many industries is finding a company that can offer what you need. The dumpster rental market is quite crowded, but a lot of dumpster rental companies are almost identical, offering average customer service and basic rentals with nothing extra.

By getting more notable, we might be able to expand what we can offer and develop more unique rentals that have their own benefits. This could give us the opportunities to run special kinds of rentals that we otherwise would not be able to or let us give customers more benefits while renting.

If our company stands out, then we can take advantage of that to offer you something new and better than ever before. If you have been a previous customer, then you will see the most improvement from an award like this.

Yearly Improvement

Awards and lists like this are great motivation for us to improve, but they also serve as a benchmark for how well we are doing. It might take more effort for us to get an annual award a second time since we have to exceed the limits that we managed to reach the previous year.

Thanks to this, we will be constantly aiming to improve our services and the way that we interact with customers. Instead of a one-time award, we can keep pushing ourselves and trying to offer better and better service every year, with each award acting as a reminder that we are getting better.

This could mean that a previous customer from a year ago (or longer) will have far better service if they return for another dumpster rental. On top of that, the dumpster industry is a competitive field, so awards will often lead to us aiming for even better services than some of our local competitors.

Award Status

The status of an award can benefit our company, which often benefits our clients just as much. The more awareness that an award spreads about our company, and the more trustworthy we seem to other businesses, the more likely we are to be supplied with their products.

This means that our product list could potentially grow in the near future and that we could offer new rentals that previously were not available. For a customer who always needs something specific for their personal projects, this simply means more choice without any downsides or added delays.

A fairly prestigious award could even lead to us getting partnerships or major deals with some important companies, giving out rentals an even higher standard of quality, and allowing us to offer even more than many of our competitors could.

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