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We’re the trusted source for easy and affordable dumpster rentals at Eagle Dumpster Rental in Olney. We serve the entire Olney neighborhood and the broader Philadelphia area, ensuring that no matter where you are, from the 19120 ZIP code to adjacent areas, you can count on us to deliver a dumpster at an honest price. We offer many dumpster sizes—10, 15, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yards—suitable for everything from small home renovations to large commercial builds. Our commitment helps ensure that all of our customers’ projects are finished on time and within budget, with the perfect dumpster for their needs. 

With various projects requiring different dumpster sizes, choosing the right one is crucial to success.

Dumpster Rental Olney PA
Dumpster Rental Olney PA

What Dumpster Sizes Are Available for Rental?

 We offer a variety of dumpster sizes tailored to different needs—clearing out your home, handling construction debris, or managing waste from commercial renovations. Our detailed table outlines each size’s dimensions and recommended uses, ensuring you find the perfect match for your project. 

Container Size Dimensions Average Weight Limit
10-yard dumpster 10ft x 8ft x 4ft 2 tons or 4,000 pounds
15-yard dumpster 15ft x 8ft x 4ft 2 tons or 4,000 pounds
20-yard dumpster 22ft x 8ft x 4ft 4 tons or 8,000 pounds
30-yard dumpster 22ft x 8ft x 6ft 4 tons or 8,000 pounds
40-yard dumpster 22ft x 8ft x 8ft 6 tons or 12,000 pounds


And while selecting the right size dumpster is essential, it’s equally important to consider the costs involved.

How Much Does Dumpster Rental Cost?

In Olney, Philadelphia, PA, we adjust the prices of our dumpster rentals based on the size you choose and how long you need it. We pride ourselves on clear pricing to help our customers make informed decisions. The table below shows how the costs are broken down by size.  

Container Size Availability Status Price Range
10-yard dumpster Currently not available Not applicable
15-yard dumpster Available $450 – $500
20-yard dumpster Available $540 – $600
30-yard dumpster Available $540 – $600
40-yard dumpster Currently not available Not applicable


As we consider what factors influence costs, it might also be interesting to explore how rental prices are determined and why they can vary from one place to another.

How Are Rental Prices Determined and Why Do They Vary?

Several factors, such as the size of the dumpster, the length of the rental period, and the specific needs of your project, directly influence our dumpster rental prices. We offer a range of dumpster sizes, and typically, the larger the dumpster, the higher the cost due to its greater capacity.

Also, the type of waste you must dispose of, especially if it includes hazardous materials or requires special handling, can affect the cost. These elements ensure we effectively meet your project’s unique demands.  

This personalized approach helps us cater to a broad array of needs, no matter where you are located.

Which Areas Are Served by Our Dumpster Rental Services?

At Eagle Dumpster Rental, we proudly extend our services across Olney, Philadelphia, and into the surrounding communities within the 19120 ZIP code. Our reach also includes Hunting Park, Feltonville, and Logan neighborhoods, ensuring that whether you are undertaking a renovation in Oxford Circle or clearing out the clutter in Olney, our dumpsters are easily accessible. We are committed to providing timely and dependable waste management support throughout Philadelphia, PA.  

With multiple local offices across the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area and additional locations in eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware—including Lancaster County, Chester County, Philadelphia, Bucks County, Berks County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, and Lehigh County, as well as New Castle County in Delaware—we guarantee efficient delivery and pickup of our dumpsters. This network supports our promise of reliable service to all our clients, whether in the heart of Philadelphia or the broader Wilmington area.  

Knowing that our dumpsters are crucial to your project’s clean-up phase, it’s also wise to consider how you can maximize their utility while adhering to local regulations.

What Items Are Permitted and Prohibited for Disposal in the Dumpster?

Before you start using our dumpster rental services, it’s important to know what you can and cannot toss into the bin. You’re good to go with household waste and construction debris but remember, hazardous materials and liquids are a no-go. 

Acceptable items include old furniture, appliances, and yard trimmings, while you should steer clear of chemicals, paints, tires, and batteries. Managing our waste responsibly keeps our environment clean and safe, supports recycling efforts, and ensures we comply with regulations. 

As we consider all the different materials we handle, we naturally explore the various situations where a dumpster can be incredibly useful.

What Are the Primary Uses of a Rental Dumpster?

We use rental dumpsters for various tasks, like clearing out homes, tidying up after construction work, and getting rid of debris, to manage waste efficiently for both homes and businesses in Olney, Philadelphia, PA. Whether renovating your home, landscaping your garden or organizing a big event, the benefits of having a rental dumpster are clear. These strong containers are an affordable way to manage different types of waste—including old furniture, yard trimmings, and construction rubble. Our range includes everything from compact 10-yard bins to spacious 40-yard dumpsters, ensuring you’ll find the right size for your project. 

Check our sizing chart below to choose the ideal roll-off bin.

10 Yard Dumpster: This 10 cubic yarder is typically used for smaller jobs and clean-ups  

15 Yard Dumpster: Our 15 cubic yard roll-off dumpster works best for small and medium-sized renovation and construction projects  

20 Yard Dumpster: Our 20 cubic yard trash dumpster is a medium-sized rental ideal for a range of different clean-up, construction, and renovation projects  

30 Yard Dumpster: This 30 yard dumpster can be used for larger projects, including a variety of larger construction, renovation, and demolition jobs  

40 Yard Dumpster: Our 40 yarder is suited for large home demolitions and very large construction or renovation projects

As you consider the right size for your project, you might also wonder about the typical duration for which a dumpster can be rented.

What Is the Standard Rental Period for a Dumpster?

At Eagle Dumpster Rental, we offer a standard rental period that typically ranges from 8 to 10 days. This gives our Olney, Philadelphia, PA customers plenty of time to complete their projects comfortably. Everyone’s needs differ, so we provide flexible rental durations. Whether you need a dumpster for just three days or as long as 30 days, we are here to make your rental experience as smooth as possible. We aim to support your project needs, whether a rapid clean-up or a more extensive renovation effort.

And when you’re ready, getting your dumpster delivered exactly when you need it is just as straightforward.

What Days Are Available for Dumpster Delivery in Olney, Philadelphia, PA?

We provide dumpster delivery services throughout the week in Olney, Philadelphia, PA, to ensure we meet your needs whenever it suits you best. You can pick a time for the dumpster to be dropped off, be it a Monday morning or a Saturday afternoon, and we’ll make it happen. Our team is committed to working with your schedule and ensuring the delivery process is smooth and without any issues. By working closely with you to meet your preferred timing, we bring convenience to your doorstep.  

As we handle the logistics of getting your dumpster delivered right when needed, it might also be wise to consider the next steps in your project preparation, like why reaching out to local authorities might be necessary before placing that dumpster order.

Why Contact Local Authorities Before Ordering a Dumpster

We always recommend checking with local township authorities in Philadelphia before placing your roll-away dumpster on public streets or property. If you plan to place the dumpster on private property, like in your driveway or yard, you won’t likely need a permit. This holds for nearly all cases—99.9%, to be exact. However, a few areas within Philadelphia County might ask you for a permit to use public lands. It’s all about being prepared and avoiding any last-minute issues. 

You can get in touch with township authorities for Olney, Philadelphia, here:  

City of Philadelphia Streets Department 730 

Municipal Services Building 1401 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, 

Philadelphia, PA 19102. 

Dial 311 or 215-686-5560. Fax 215-686-7812 


[email protected]  

You can find the Philadelphia County Equipment Placement Application HERE. Fill it out and send it to the address above, or fax it in.

Speaking of preparation, ensuring everything is set for the dumpster’s arrival could raise questions about your availability during delivery.

Do You Need to Be Present for Dumpster Delivery?

You don’t need to be there when our dumpster arrives, but we always ensure the team knows exactly where to place it at our Olney, Philadelphia, PA, site. If you can’t be onsite, just leave clear notes to pinpoint the drop-off spot. This straightforward communication helps us cater to special needs or limits regarding the dumpster’s placement. Please keep the access route free of any obstacles to avoid delays during delivery. 

And speaking of quick service, it makes us wonder how swiftly we could swap out dumpsters if we need to keep our project moving without pause.

How Quickly Can Dumpsters Be Exchanged During Your Project?

In Olney, Philadelphia, PA, dumpsters can be switched out quickly during your project to keep waste disposal moving without a hitch. This prompt service allows timely exchanges based on customer requests and project demands. Efficient dumpster swapping is key to keeping work sites clean and orderly. The ability to adjust to new waste disposal needs helps contractors and project managers keep the workflow smooth and uninterrupted by overflowing bins. Such responsive service boosts project efficiency, ensuring everything stays on track.  

As needs and circumstances change, it’s natural to question the flexibility of other aspects of your service arrangements, such as altering the dumpster’s size or placement.

Can You Change the Dumpster Size and Location After Ordering?

Depending on availability and schedule adjustments, customers can modify their dumpster rental order for Olney, Philadelphia, PA, by changing the size or delivery spot as needed. When a customer requests such a change, our customer service team works with the logistics crew to check if the new requirements can be met. This may involve switching to a smaller dumpster if less waste is expected or a larger one if the project expands. Also, we try to place the dumpster where it’s most convenient for the customer, aiming to make their project smoother. With these adaptations, we strive to seamlessly match each project’s changing demands. 

As you consider how best to manage your waste, you might wonder about the next steps—how about considering dumpster rental options?

Ready to Rent a Dumpster?

If you need a dumpster in Olney, Philadelphia, PA, contact Eagle Dumpster Rental today to choose your size and set a delivery date for your next project. Simply enter your ZIP code on our website for a quick online quote. We’ll provide a free, no-commitment estimate promptly. Suppose you reach out to us within business hours. In that case, we can deliver your dumpster to your Olney address on the same day. Choosing the right dumpster rental service can make all the difference for your project needs, and Eagle Dumpster stands ready to meet those needs. 

Wondering why Eagle Dumpster is the preferred choice for many? Let’s find out.

Why Choose Eagle Dumpster for Your Dumpster Rental Needs?

Eagle Dumpster Rental is the top choice for dumpster rentals in Olney, Philadelphia, PA. We focus on delivering outstanding service quickly and at competitive prices, ensuring every customer is completely satisfied. Our team dedicates itself to providing a smooth rental experience from when you contact us to the final pickup, helping keep your project on schedule. We’re committed to transparent pricing, so you always know you’re getting great value without sacrificing service quality.

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