Five DIY Plastic Bag Projects

Several states have already changed the rules when it comes to plastic shopping bags. Whether you have to pay a small fee to use single-use plastic bags or are given other options, many states are taking steps towards a more environmentally friendly future.

Even with these steps, single-use plastic bags continue to be around, and you are very likely have a drawer dedicated to them at home. It has been reported that over 100 billion plastic bags are used every year in the US alone, so this is an issue we all face.

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In most cases, these plastic bags cannot be recycled, but that does not mean they have to be thrown in landfills. There are some fun, innovative ways that you can use these plastic bags to prevent them from being thrown out.

5 DIY Plastic Bag Projects

You can use your plastic bags to make fun items that can be useful around the home. The following five ideas are some of the easiest and great ways for you to reuse those plastic bags that clutter your home.

  • Plastic Coasters

You can reuse your plastic bags to make coasters that will protect your furniture from ring marks. Coasters can come in all shapes and sizes these days, but you can stand out with this fun DIY project.

All you need is some plastic bags and an iron to fuse them.

  1. You can cut the coasters into any shape you want, but a simple circle is a good place to start. Using a jar lid or something similar as a guide, cut the bags into this shape 
  2. Lay some unprinted paper onto the iron board and place the cutout plastic on top
  3. Cover the plastic with another sheet of paper to prevent it from sticking to the iron
  4. Iron each side of the plastic for 10 to 15 seconds 

Then you will have some fun and free coasters which can protect your furniture.

  • Friendship Bracelets

This is a fun project for children, and it can be a good way to recycle old plastic bags.

Simply cut the plastic bag into three equal strips and braid them together. With some practice, you can use different braiding styles for your bracelets, but this is a fun and simple activity that you can get the whole family involved in.

  • Jump Rope

If the kids are messing up your house and have too much energy to burn, you need to get them outside. It can be hard to keep little ones entertained, but a jump rope is a great toy for kids of all ages, and you can make one for free using plastic bags.

With the same skills required for friendship bracelets, you can make a jump rope by attaching several bags in a long braid.

Not only is a jump rope a great toy for the kids, but it is also a great workout for the adults, and you can make one for free!

  • Reusable Tote Bag

In many states, plastic bags are being replaced with reusable options like tote bags. But you can take your sustainable efforts to the next step by making a reusable tote bag from the plastic bags you have collected over the years.

There are several tutorials online that you can follow to make a tote bag using plastic, and it can be done easily. 

Next time you go shopping, you will not have to pay for a plastic bag nor feel guilty for impacting the environment because you are prepared. Instead of using the same tote bags from grocery stores as everyone else, you can stand out with your DIY project.

  • Storage Baskets

Once you have gotten the hang of braiding plastic bags and have managed to make a reusable tote with them, you can take these skills elsewhere.

Storage baskets are a great way to keep organized within the home, and they can be used in every room. However, instead of buying storage baskets – many of which are made of plastic – you can make your own using plastic bags.

This project does require a lot of bags and a lot of time, so it can be a good way to spend a free weekend if you are feeling crafty. With plastic bags, you can make as many storage baskets as you need and of multiple sizes.

This is a sustainable project that can save you money, as you are reusing what you already have, meaning you can organize your home for free.

Use Your Free Time Wisely

These are just some of the ways that you can reuse plastic bags, and there are many more projects ideas online, based on how much time you have and how many bags you want to get rid of.

Plastic bags are a  serious threat to the environment, so being able to reuse them creatively is so beneficial. 

If you have some free time, why not use it wisely? Instead of doing the same thing as every other weekend, do something fun this weekend and gather some plastic bags. You can get the family involved in a fun DIY project. 

Whether you want to make friendship bracelets or something more complicated like a storage basket, there are tutorials online for free. 

You can have a great time while reducing your impact on the environment, making it beneficial for everyone. 


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