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Eagle Dumpster Rental offers dedicated service in ZIP Code 17036 and surrounding areas for reliable dumpster rental in Hummelstown, PA. We provide a range of dumpster sizes from 10-yard to 40-yard units, perfectly suited to meet the diverse needs of various projects, from small home cleanouts to large construction sites.

Our pricing is clear and transparent. It is based on a flat fee covering all costs upfront, eliminating surprises.

As you read on, you will learn about our dumpster rental services, including the considerations for selecting the right dumpster size, the costs, the specifics of prohibited disposal items, and tips for enhancing your rental experience to achieve maximum convenience and efficiency.

dumpster rental in hummelstown pa
Dumpster Rental Hummelstown PA

What Dumpster Sizes Are Available for Rental?

At Eagle Dumpster Rental in Hummelstown, PA, we offer dumpsters ranging from 10 to 15 yards, 20 to 30 yards, and 40 yards. These sizes cater to various project sizes, from small home renovations to large construction debris removal. Selecting the optimal size is essential to avoid property damage and enhance waste management efficiency. The table below shows the dimensions and recommended uses for each size.

Container Size Dimensions Average Weight Limit
10-yard dumpster 10ft x 8ft x 4ft 2 tons or 4,000 pounds
15-yard dumpster 15ft x 8ft x 4ft 2 tons or 4,000 pounds
20-yard dumpster 22ft x 8ft x 4ft 4 tons or 8,000 pounds
30-yard dumpster 22ft x 8ft x 6ft 4 tons or 8,000 pounds
40-yard dumpster 22ft x 8ft x 8ft 6 tons or 12,000 pounds


As we discuss these options further, consider the cost implications associated with different dumpster sizes, which we will explore next.

How Much Does Dumpster Rental Cost in Hummelstown, PA?

Our dumpster rental pricing is typically charged on a flat fee basis, which means every fee is included on your invoice, and the rate includes everything. This makes it easy to compare our fees to the prices charged by the competition. We never charge hidden fees. We aim to offer every customer easy-to-understand roll-off container rental pricing regardless of whether you get a 40-yard roll-off container or any different amount of yardage. The table below provides a detailed look at pricing based on size.

Container Size Availability Status Price Range
10-yard dumpster Currently not available Not applicable
15-yard dumpster Available $450 – $500
20-yard dumpster Available $540 – $600
30-yard dumpster Available $540 – $600
40-yard dumpster Currently not available Not applicable


How do you determine your prices, and why do they vary?

The pricing varies based on several factors:

  • The dumpster size
  • Rental duration
  • Geographic location within Pennsylvania
  • The specific ZIP code of your project site

Larger dumpsters, suitable for major projects, cost more than smaller ones and are ideal for lighter renovations. The length of the rental period also affects the price, with longer rentals potentially offering more value. Furthermore, prices adjust based on the geographic location to reflect local demand, proximity to disposal sites, and associated operational costs.

Understanding these elements is key, particularly as you consider how we extend our services across various locations.

Which Areas Are Served by Our Dumpster Rental Services?

Our dumpster rental services reach every township within Dauphin County, enveloping a broad spectrum of communities such as Harrisburg, Berrysburg, Dauphin, Elizabethville, Gratz, Halifax, Highspire, Hummelstown, Lykens, Middletown, Millersburg, Paxtang, Penbrook, Pillow, Royalton, Steelton, Williamstown, and more. We ensure top-quality service and value across all of Dauphin County, PA. Beyond these local areas, our services stretch further, covering extensive regions in eastern Pennsylvania from York, including territories adjacent to the Delaware River and extending into northern Maryland, accommodating needs in York, Philadelphia, or the Lehigh Valley.

As we cater to a broad geographic area, our clients must be aware of specific regulations that may affect their rental, including what materials are not permitted in the dumpsters. This consideration is key to maintaining safety and compliance, which we will explore in the following section.

What Items Are Prohibited for Disposal in the Dumpster?

It’s important to be aware of the items prohibited from being placed in our dumpsters, as these restrictions may vary based on the landfill policies of your local disposal site. Typically, the prohibited items include hazardous materials such as appliances containing Freon, asbestos, batteries, biomedical waste, corrosive chemicals, explosives, flammable products, fluorescent tubes, fertilizers, pesticides, paints, radioactive materials, spray cans, and tires. Furthermore, electronic waste, like computers, monitors, televisions, mattresses, and box springs, is also prohibited. Disposing any materials banned by federal or state regulations could result in fines.

Knowing what you cannot dispose of in our dumpsters helps ensure compliance with regulations and protects the environment. As we continue, you will see how the various dumpster sizes available cater to different types of projects, effectively managing waste while adhering to these legal restrictions.

What Are the Primary Uses of a Rental Dumpster According to its size?

Eagle Dumpster Rental in Hummelstown, PA, offers rental dumpsters for various purposes, including construction projects, demolition debris removal, home cleanouts, renovation waste disposal, and more. Our dumpsters are versatile and suitable for different waste management needs. See the list below for the common uses of each size.

10-yard dumpster

Our 10-yard dumpster rental option in Hummelstown, PA, is ideal for small-scale projects or limited-space areas. It provides a convenient waste disposal solution for residential cleanouts, landscaping debris, and minor renovation projects.

15-yard dumpster

Our 15-yard dumpster rental option in Hummelstown, PA, is versatile for medium-sized projects. It offers ample space for construction debris, home renovation waste, and general cleanup tasks. This size strikes a balance between capacity and convenience for waste removal.

20-yard dumpster

Our 20-yard dumpster rental in Hummelstown, PA, is popular for larger projects, such as major home renovations, construction sites, and commercial cleanouts. This size offers significant capacity for substantial waste volumes while maintaining accessibility for loading. Workers will dispose of waste throughout the project.

30-yard dumpster

Our 30-yard dumpster rental option in Hummelstown, PA, is ideal for extensive projects requiring substantial waste disposal, such as full-scale renovations, large construction sites, and commercial cleanup operations. This size provides ample space for significant debris volumes.

40-yard dumpster

Our 40-yard dumpster rental option in Hummelstown, PA, is the largest available. It suits massive projects like major construction sites, industrial cleanouts, and large-scale demolitions. This site offers maximum capacity for handling significant waste volumes efficiently.

What Is the Standard Rental Period for a Dumpster Rental in Hummelstown, PA?

We typically offer a standard rental period of 8 to 10 days for our dumpsters, providing flexibility to accommodate different project timelines and waste management demands. We readily offer extensions for those needing more time to ensure that longer projects can proceed without haste.

This adaptability in rental periods guarantees our customers sufficient time to effectively complete their cleanup or construction projects according to their specific scheduling needs. In addition to how long you can rent our dumpsters, it’s also important to know when we can deliver them to start your project efficiently.

What days do you deliver to Hummelstown, PA?

Eagle Dumpster Rental provides delivery services to Hummelstown, PA, throughout the week, accommodating various project schedules. Although we close on Sundays, our delivery options during weekdays and Saturdays ensure our customers receive prompt and efficient service. This flexibility helps you effectively plan the logistics of your waste disposal without any hassle.

Do I need to be present when you deliver?

Your presence is not required during the delivery of your dumpster. However, it is recommended that you ensure that the dumpster is placed according to your specifications and that any specific instructions or concerns are addressed. Our team can efficiently manage the drop-off, even if you’re off-site.

Using a straightforward coordination process, you can communicate where you would like the dumpster positioned, ensuring it is set up without obstructing pathways or utilities. This method allows us to promptly adapt to your individual needs and offers the added convenience of not requiring you to be physically present at delivery time. This flexibility in placement ensures that the dumpster is conveniently positioned in residential driveways, construction sites, or commercial establishments.

Where can you drop off the dumpster?

Eagle Dumpster Rental in Hummelstown, PA, provides versatile drop-off services at various locations to accommodate your specific disposal needs. Whether residential properties, construction sites, or commercial establishments, we ensure that each dumpster is placed safely and conveniently.

For residential areas, dumpsters can be positioned in driveways, front yards, or other designated spots, facilitating easy waste disposal for homeowners. We strategically place dumpsters at construction sites to allow workers straightforward access for efficient debris disposal. For businesses in commercial settings, our placement options are flexible, such as behind buildings or in parking lots, to ensure seamless waste removal.

Determining the correct placement also involves selecting the right dumpster size to match your project’s specific demands. This ensures you have enough space for all your disposal needs without overpaying for unused capacity.

What size dumpster should I order?

When deciding on a dumpster size, consider various factors such as the type of debris you’ll be disposing of, the overall scope of your project, and the total volume of waste expected.

This thoughtful consideration helps ensure that you choose a neither too large nor too small dumpster, thereby avoiding unnecessary expenses while efficiently accommodating all your waste disposal needs. Once you have evaluated these elements and determined the most suitable dumpster size for your project, you will be ready to proceed with the rental process.

Ready for a Dumpter Rental in Hummelstown, PA?

For all your dumpster rental needs in Hummelstown, PA, rely on Eagle Dumpster Rental to deliver and pick up your roll-away bin efficiently and at a competitive price with other providers in eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, and Maryland. You can easily obtain a free quote or initiate your dumpster rental immediately by contacting us via our online form, email, or phone, specifically within the 17036 ZIP code and the Hummelstown community.

Why Choose Us for Your Dumpster Rental Needs?

Eagle Dumpster Rental is a reliable choice for dumpster rentals in Hummelstown, PA. We are recognized for our dependable service, competitive pricing, and superior customer support. We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and seamlessly meeting your waste disposal requirements without damaging your property.

With our service, you gain the advantage of a professional team dedicated to efficient waste management. Our diverse dumpster sizes ensure that every project’s specific needs are met. You can also rely on our clear pricing policy, which guarantees no unexpected fees and helps you budget effectively. Our flexible scheduling of pickups and deliveries aligns perfectly with your project timeline, simplifying your planning process.

By choosing Eagle Dumpster Rental, you’re not just hiring a dumpster service but partnering with a trusted ally for your waste management needs in Hummelstown, PA.


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