What is the Waste360 40 Under 40 Award?


The dumpster industry is just as varied and full of professionals as any other corner of the business world, which means that awards are a very common sight. Waste management and handling can be a very difficult field with a lot of specific challenges to overcome, and these awards have a strong meaning.

But why should things like the Waste360 ’40 Under 40’ award matter, and what benefits do they have? As part of the industry ourselves, we always aim to acquire as many awards as we can.

Why do waste awards matter?

Like any industry, awards are a professional mark of quality and skill. Some of them may be specific to particular managers or teams, while others are for the entire extended company. Either way, they are a valuable medal to earn, and many companies struggle to achieve them.

Eagle Dumpster Rental has two decades of experience working with projects across the state of Pennsylvania, and we continue to impress clients in small and large communities across Allegheny County, including the community of Buena Vista along the Youghiogheny River in Elizabeth Township.

In the waste industry, there are a lot of factors that might go into winning a certain award. Quality of service, speed, reliability, unique products, earnings, customer ratings, and almost anything else could go into each particular award.

Many awards are limited to only a few (or even one) per year – even if we do not manage to achieve a certain award in one year, we at Eagle Dumpster Rental still aim for award-level quality at all times. Our award-winning customer service is just one good example.

What do those awards mean for customers?

Awards are not just meant for the rest of the industry but also for customers. A good award can make it clear that a company has offered award-winning quality in at least one area. Many people are more likely to choose a company simply because of their award portfolio.

On a practical level, the work is still the same. However, any awards that companies like us earn can translate directly into better results for most projects, helping customers get exactly what they need.

Customers do not have to worry too much about awards, but they are a good measuring tool for working out how good a certain company might be.

What is Waste360?

Waste360 is a waste industry hub that provides education, commerce, events, and other services to all kinds of waste companies and other related communities. As a dumpster rental company, their existence is directly tied back to our operations and the way that we handle our work.

This means that they are a major part of how our employees are trained, win awards, acquire new equipment, and improve our company as a whole. Like many other industry-specific groups, Waste360 has unique awards that are given out to specific companies or individuals. 

What is the 40 Under 40 award?

The Waste 360 40 Under 40 award is meant to identify industry professionals under the age of 40 that have made major contributions to the waste, recycling, and organics industry. These winners can be from almost any part of waste management – hauling, composing, or our own dumpster work.

40 Under 40 applies to individual people that have had a significant impact on their industry either locally or globally, usually by leading a company to success or inventing some new strategy. Our company is constantly aiming to achieve the 40 Under 40 award every year that it runs.

However, 40 Under 40 is not the only award that we aim to win. Among the other qualifications and awards that we have already secured, there are a lot of different waste awards that our business targets. Giving customers award-winning service is a major priority.

Should customers always target award-winning companies?

While it can be tempting to always go for the company that has the most awards, services like dumpster rental can be a lot more tricky. There are more factors than the company’s quality in play, like distance, rental times, and even the overall cost.

Dumpster rental generally only has company involvement when the dumpster is delivered and picked up, meaning that the dumpster itself is the important part. If you need a good dumpster for your project, then any decent option will do, as long as it suits your needs.

For example, if you require a certain dumpster size and make, then a company’s awards will not change how good the dumpster is. It could have an impact on the delivery, customer service, or general quality of how your dumpster is arranged and delivered.

Customer Service

Our award-winning customer service means that we have been recognized for our work with customers and clients. It means that our guarantee of good customer service is backed up with something, which may appeal to certain customers.

Customer service awards are hard to earn since they require a lot of feedback from customers. Any company that possesses one is often a good choice, especially if you are worried about running into issues with the dumpster pick-up or the arranged dumpster rental period.


General quality awards are always good. However, if they are outdated, then there is always a chance that the company has changed quite a lot since then. This happens most often if new management comes in and is one of the reasons that 40 Under 40 targets specific people.

A quality award can be reassuring to some customers, but it is not a requirement for a company to be good. Some awards are only given out in certain numbers, meaning that a lot of companies will not get them in the first couple of years that they qualify.

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