What is The Technology Fast 500 Awards List?

As part of the waste management and dumpster rental industries, we have always aimed to get on some prestigious or one-of-a-kind award lists. One of the most notable is the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 award list, one of our company’s many personal goals.

But what are awards like this for, and why are they given out. As a company, we have always tried to offer the best possible experience to both our customers and our employees, and this year will be no different.

What is the Technology Fast 500?

The Technology Fast 500 awards list is a yearly list created by Deloitte, aiming to mark the 500 most innovative companies of the previous year in the fields of technology, media, communications, telecommunications, life sciences, and energy technology across North America.

Eagle Dumpster Rental of Montgomery County delivers to small towns and larger communities across the county, including the unincorporated community of Boyds in rural Montgomery County.

Multiple waste companies have been either on the list or almost nominated for a spot in the past, and with only 500 places across all of the different markets or industries that it covers, there are not many spaces to go around. At Eagle Dumpster Rental, we always aim for awards like this.

How is it earned?

To be eligible for Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, a company needs to be within one of the related industries and sell something to customers as their primary form of revenue generation. There are limits to how small the company can be, which is judged by total revenue.

The award itself is based on both innovation and the total increase in revenue that the company has taken in, showing that it has distinguished itself from competitors somehow. In our case, we aim to do this by improving our services and rentals across the board where possible.

Only 500 of the awards are given out per year, ranking each company from 1-500. With so many companies operating in North America, the chances of being one of the 500 are slim – but not impossible, especially for companies like us.

Why Do Awards Matter?

To many people outside of the industry, the idea of a dumpster rental company getting an award might seem strange. It is not an industry that many people think about very often, but the services we offer can be invaluable to many people – we have served countless clients in the years since we opened.

So why do these awards matter so much, and why have we been tailoring our customer service and employee quality-of-life to make sure that we can achieve them? Aren’t they just lists?


Awards have value, and as a dumpster rental company, we need to get ourselves out there. Dumpster rental is an important field that many people are completely unaware of, and a lot of projects have been made harder simply because potential clients were not aware of us.

With awards, it becomes easier to not only mark ourselves as a notable company but to prove that we offer a good service. It is not uncommon for people who could use a dumpster rental to shoot the idea down out of anxiety that it would not be worth the price or that it would not help.

Not only that, but awards pass indirect benefits onto the customer, too. The more our company can grow, the more varied our services can become, allowing for even more personalization when long-term customers require something specialized or unique to their current project.

Company Reputation

While the dumpster rental industry is quite broad, there are not many companies that engage with one another. Like any business, we need to make money and keep clients to operate, something that can be tricky if we appear no different from some of the least reliable companies in the industry.

By having a mark of distinction, we are able to gather up more attention and direct people towards our services – rentals that are actually tailored to their needs. This helps make sure that customers are not wading through a sea of risky or unreliable businesses to find one that they can use.

Our reputation could also allow us to secure more contracts with dumpster and equipment providers, potentially letting us expand our range of offered rentals to cover more client needs. This is much more convenient for both sides of the rental and makes it easier to manage your rentals from us.

Why Should Customers Care?

While an award might not be the most thrilling thing for our customers to know about, the potential of earning one is good for both of us. In our efforts to try and receive these awards, we can ramp up our customer service quality, identifying weaknesses that might influence your rental experience.

This kind of improvement gives customers and clients a much larger pool of options to choose from, makes customer service easier to work with and helps you get the rentals that you need faster. Our team is constantly working towards improving our standards, and awards mark our progress well.

Remember that most awards are given out yearly rather than just once. This means that we will not just be working to acquire one and then give up on our improvements – staying on top of the list and keeping the award year after year means constantly working to better our customer experience.

Our dumpster rental services are always improving, and we aim to please every customer or client that we get. From personal projects to major construction work, our rentals are suitable for a whole host of different uses, from disposing of demolition debris to throwing away old furniture.


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