What is the National Award for Exemplary Workplace Practices?

While the waste industry is often overlooked by many people, it still has a huge list of different awards that companies can win for their efforts. One of the most notable is the When Work Works Award, which has been handed out to dumpster companies multiple times.

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But what is this award, and why is it so important to dumpster rental or waste management companies like us? Even if you do not have much interest in the industry, it is a good idea to understand what these awards mean – and why they are so valued.

Can Dumpster Companies Win Awards?

The waste management industry contains a lot of different companies, all of which fall into their own niches or purposes. Some only offer one specific thing, and others aim for a varied spread of different products or services.

For rental companies like us, there are many reasons that awards could be won – good customer service, excellent product line-ups, high standards of quality, or even just becoming a leader of the industry. We aim to win as many as we can without compromising our customers’ needs.

Rental companies are fully capable of winning awards, and it has happened many times before. Some of these awards are exclusive to only a few companies per year, and others are more like standards that a company must meet before they can achieve it.

What is the When Work Works Award?

Created and handed out by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Families and Work Institute (FWI), the When Work Works Award recognizes companies across the UK that have managed to create successful, productive, and healthy workplaces.

In the case of our industry, this means things like keeping workplaces flexible and allowing employees to work without fear of stressing themselves too much or hurting their own well-being. There are a lot of specific details that need to be considered before an award is given out.

Culture of Trust

The workplace needs to be a place that employees can trust and somewhere that employees are able to trust one another. Waste disposal and management can be unexpectedly dangerous, so trust is important to all of the work that we do.

We aim to make our workplace as accessible and friendly to employees as possible, making sure that they can trust one another and work as a team when needed. We also want our customers to trust us when looking at our range of dumpster rental options.


The workplace needs to allow new employees to learn properly and should teach them actual skills that they can rely on as they get more experienced. Ideally, this should also involve taking on apprentices and people who are specifically there to learn.

There are multiple roles involved in the dumpster rental field, and we try to make sure that new employees can get up to speed on their responsibilities and any related knowledge as fast as possible. Poor learning would only reflect badly on our customers and the rest of our staff.

Work/Life Balance

We try to keep a solid work/life balance in our rental company, both because of the award and because a good balance is important for employee happiness. To earn the award, a workplace needs to strike this balance well and not dip too far into overworking employees regularly.

A good work/life balance is important, and we aim to maintain one for all of our employees when possible. However, we also do not compromise the customer’s ability to get in touch at unusual hours or contact us about important issues that they might need clarification on.


The award is also only handed out to the companies that give their employees the ability to act on their own, without needing to follow strict instructions to the letter at all times. This includes using their own initiative to solve problems or issues.

Our staff are able to use their own judgment when delivering or picking up a dumpster rental, such as deciding whether the dumpster has been left in a place that allows for easy pick-up or if the customer will need to come out and move vehicles that are blocking the way.


Things like employee earnings and benefits factor into this award as well, alongside total employee satisfaction. This also covers health and well-being, as well as opportunities for advancement or the ability to improve employees earnings by moving to a higher-paid role.


Another core factor is whether or not supervisors are able to offer proper support for good work. This can mean both in the sense of pay or just general praise and appreciation for employees that go above and beyond.

We aim for as much satisfaction as possible in both our workforce and our customer base, no matter what kind of rental is involved.

Why Does This Award Matter?

While this award is only something that exists within the industry, we work hard to try and give our customers the best possible rental options for their needs. We also take care of our employees and do our best to achieve top-quality satisfaction and service at both ends of our rentals.

The When Work Matters award represents a high standard of quality and is a badge of honor for any company that can earn it. It confirms that employers are moving towards improving their workplaces and that they are using innovative strategies to get the best results possible.

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