The Fall Maintenance Checklist for your Home

Almost everybody loves fall. It is a great time of the year to get cozy, enjoy your time with one another, and relax in the weather that is not too hot and not too cold. However, that does not make it an easy season for everybody, and some people are well aware that their house needs extra work.

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Preparing your house for the changing seasons is important, especially if you have family members or pets that need specific living conditions. Temperature changes, wind, rain, and countless other natural factors can all play a part in making maintenance even more important.

Check the Roof

Winter is the worst possible time to repair your roof, even if it does not snow. Fall provides a great opportunity to rework a roof space without the threat of slipping hazards, but you should be aware of what your roof actually needs first.

Some roof sections might only need a new surface, while others might be leaking water directly into your home. Whatever the case may be, you should use fall as a chance to inspect your roof while you still have time.

Prepare your Lawn

Your lawn is going to struggle during the winter, and heavy snowfall can stifle it quite badly. Be prepared to try and protect it using substances like pre-emergents – this will make it very easy for the lawn to regrow once the winter is over and can also help kill off weeds.

It might be a good idea to use fertilizer or aerate your lawn, feeding it and making sure that it can grow a little bit before the frost settles. This gives it more of a fighting chance if the cold picks up for much longer than expected.

Fix your Driveway

A damaged or dirty driveway (or sidewalk) can end up taking even more damage when winter rolls around, thanks to the unusual way that cold can influence certain materials. Sealing up holes and keeping clear, accessible drains is important for avoiding any dangerous ice coatings.

On top of that, you will want to seal any cracks in major parts of the driveway. Harsh rain and snow can make those cracks worse, so the longer you leave them exposed, the larger they will get and the more damaged your driveway will become.

Shield your Plants

If you have outdoor plants that you do not want to use, shield them from the frost and snow. While a greenhouse or see-through dome can work, you can sometimes simply get away with shrub covers and chicken wire to hold them in place.

Newer plants will need much more care, especially if they were just planted. Anything added to your garden over the past year might be in more danger, so you should give them some more attention before the winter rain, wind, snow, and frost turn up.

Double-Check Gutters

Gutters are a major part of your home’s drainage system and a key tool for keeping the roof safe, so you need to be sure that they are going to work during the winter. Blockages can prevent drainage almost entirely, and weak brackets might lead to the pipes falling if they get weighed down too much.

You also need to be sure that they are draining to the right place. If part of the drain below the downpipe is blocked, then the water will simply pool at the bottom. Snow will not prove much of a problem with gutters, but more solid blockages can make them completely ineffective.

Stock Up

Be sure to stock up on any important supplies you might need for the winter, from food to extra clothing. It will be a lot harder to go out in heavy snowfall, and even if no snow comes, other people might be rushing out to get their winter shopping – especially as the holidays approach.

Getting prepared earlier also makes it easier to take your time. Instead of worrying about what you will be able to find on store shelves, you can slow down and shop at your own pace. This is especially important if you are shopping for any home repair work or other maintenance work on this list.

Check Your Heating

Heating is always important in the winter. Even if you personally do not mind the cold, you might have family members or pets that need a certain level of heat to stay comfortable. Double-check your heating and make sure that nothing is broken or malfunctioning in any way.

If there are issues with your heating, you can either go and get it fixed or simply replace it. It is important to fix your heating issues while the weather is still warm since some of the replacement work might involve turning off the heating for a while.

Clear your Trash

It might also be a good idea to clear out extra trash and unwanted possessions from your home before winter hits. This can be a good idea ahead of Christmas since there are going to be a lot of gifts handed out, but it is also good for your own mental health.

Many people stay inside during winter since the weather is colder and fewer events will be happening in their local area. Staying cooped up inside a messy, dirty house can make life really draining, so the cleaner you make each room, the more comfortable you will be.

Do not be afraid to hire a dumpster from companies like Eagle Dumpster Rental if you have a lot of trash to dispose of. The easier disposal method a dumpster rental offers can also help with renovation and construction work, including roof maintenance.

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