The Best Tips to Staging your Home

Staging your home – the process of getting your house set up in a way that makes potential buyers interested in it – can be a tough process. The better you stage your home, the easier it becomes to sell it in a reasonable amount of time, but that can still take a while if you are not sure how to start.

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When it comes to staging your home, you need to focus carefully on the parts of your home that might be most valuable. It is all about making sure that your home looks desirable and that prospective buyers are going to see the things that will make them willing to buy in the first place.


This one should be common sense, but many people misjudge how effective a simple clean can actually be. Brushing up dirt and dust, especially on furniture that people are likely to see up close, makes a significant difference to how your home is perceived by new arrivals.

Cleaning carpets and floors can make a big difference, too, as can tidying up clutter. You might be used to the level of clutter in a room if you spend a lot of time there, so bring a friend in and ask them for advice on where the piles of clutter or dirt are, then clean it all up before the buyers arrive.


Removing clutter and organizing your home can make a massive difference when you are about to put it up for sale. Donating or throwing away unwanted furniture is important since a cluttered house will immediately look messy to anybody that is walking in for the first time.

Do not be afraid to pull furniture away from the walls, make furniture sit symmetrically, and generally ‘beautify’ your home so that it looks better to visitors. Even some small changes can quickly begin to add up, and it only takes a little extra effort to make your home look much more desirable and spacious.

Tidy the Yard

If you have a yard or lawn out front, make sure that you tidy it up and clear it of any debris. This can be a small thing, but it really adds up if you are cleaning it properly. Not only does it show off the outdoor space, but it also has a huge impact on how your home looks as a whole.

Do not be afraid to rearrange outdoor furnishings to make it look tidier, too. That is always an option, and it does not usually take much time.

Update the Garden

It is not a bad idea to improve your garden shortly before staging your home, especially if you want to try and attract possible buyers. Even something small, like some quickly-set-up hanging planters, can add value to an empty space and make buyers more likely to take an interest in your home.

You might also want to consider hiding anything that looks cheap or tacky. While you can easily move cheap plastic furniture back inside, visitors might see it as a sign of a poor garden – on the other hand, you can set up a hammock that yo have never used or wheel out an old grill.

Show Off

It is not a bad idea to leave certain appliances or desirable items out if they are things you are selling alongside the home. For example, you might want to leave a coffee machine and toaster out rather than putting them away – the slight clutter shows off things that buyers might actually want.

This is a very powerful technique, and it does not just extend to appliances. The right decorations, items, appliances, or tools in the right place could capture the attention of visiting buyers and might nudge them over to your side if they were on the fence about the house.

Deep Clean Problem Rooms

Bathrooms and kitchens are the most likely places in your home to get dirty, and that means that you will often want to deep-clean them. You might not notice any dirt or grime, but visitors certainly can, and they will not be impressed if there are obvious places that still need cleaning.

Do not hesitate to start cleaning the more obnoxious parts of your home, like awkward corners or areas that are not easily reachable but still visible. The dirtier a home looks, the less inclined people are to buy it, even if the actual cleaning process would be fairly easy for them to manage.

Remove Personal Items

Anything that is too ‘personal’ should be hidden away until after the showings. This could be toothbrushes, personal photographs in prominent places (unless they are part of an appealing display), towels, clothes, and anything that makes a home feel like somebody is actively living there.

Most potential buyers do not want to think about the fact that people still live there and will not enjoy feeling like they are intruding. Even under the best of circumstances, it can be discouraging for them to still see signs of people living there, so hiding your personal items can have a massive impact on the number of buyers you get.

Use Common Sense

Buyers want a clean, nice-looking home that does not swing too far in any specific style. Use common sense when selling your home: rent one of our dumpsters to dispose of excess trash, move furniture in a way that looks nice, and be sure to clean every inch where possible.

You do not necessarily have to do anything special to your home. You just need to make sure that it is presentable. If you are selling your home anyway, then your own personal preferences are not as important – you need to think about what a general buyer would like to see.

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