Remove Before You Move

Moving house is an exciting time, but it can also cause a lot of stress. One of the most time-consuming aspects of moving home is packing and unpacking your belongings. We recommend that ahead of moving house, you declutter and remove items you do not want or need. Doing this before you move will make moving quicker, easier, and in the case of using a removal company can also save you money.

Where to Start?

When trying to remove clutter from your life, it can also be difficult to know where to start. We recommend you look at the space you are moving into. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Who am I moving in with?
  • What is the size of the property I am moving into?
  • Will I need this once I have moved?

Then as you remove certain items, you can get into further questions:

  • Do I use this item? 
  • Where will it go in the new house?
  • Do I have space for it?
  • Do I want to keep it for sentimental reasons?

Working through this list in order is a great way to start. Some items you will be able to look at and instantly know whether or not you want to keep that item. We recommend trying not to be too sentimental and do not keep more than you need. 

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If you are moving in with someone, it is beneficial to see what you each have that is the same and decide which of each item will be coming with you then remove the other. 

Step Two: Start to remove

Once you have your list of questions about the items, we recommend a measured approach to keep your decluttering and packing orderly. A good way to keep things orderly is to work through your current home room by room and clear as you go. You can then pack items you will not need before you move to make more space and you will have a clearer picture of what you own.

Clearing room by room is a relatively simple process to go through, just pick your starting point in each room and work clockwise from there. By the time you have finished decluttering each room, you can turn the circle again and be motivated by your progress. 

Top Items to Remove in Each Room

Make a start with your essential rooms – this will help if you pack early and do not need something in the weeks before you move, it will help to answer the question of if you need the item. 

Starting with the kitchen, we recommend beginning to remove anything that is looking worn. You are moving into a nice, new kitchen do not take your worn items with you. Start with those chipped plates, bowls, and cups. A new dinner set could be on your horizon but for now, make sure you are not moving broken items from one house to another. Mismatched cutlery is another easy thing to remove from your home. That one random spoon you brought home from the office and put in the drawer does not need to move into your new home. 

Next, go through your baking trays, pots, and pans. Are they looking worn? Do they have stains you know you will never be able to remove? If the answer to either is yes, we recommend you decide if you can afford to buy new ones to go into your new home. 

Moving to your lounge, we advise you to look at the specific items in your current room and visualize if they will fit into your new home. Are you planning to change the color scheme, and can you remove accessories that will no longer match the new décor? Has the sideboard become cluttered, and will it take days to pack up? If the answer is yes to either of these, make them your starting point. 

We are not asking you to remove or declutter everything you own, but if items have been in a cupboard since you moved into your current home and have not seen the light of day, it might be time to not take them to your new home. 

Next stop, the bathroom. The first thing to do here is to look at those toiletries. Do you have a half-open bottle of something in the back of your cupboard that you do not remember ever seeing or using in your life? Move that straight to the trash. We get a lot of toiletry gift sets throughout the year, and there are always those items that we know we are never going to use that just go in a drawer. There is no obligation to move them with you, if they are unopened, you can donate them. 

Take this time to go through your towel and washcloths too. If they are starting to look ragged, time to put them in the trash too. 

Finally, the bedroom and this one may be a little more tricky, as with your kitchen, pick a starting point and work your way around the room. This is a great time to go through your closet and get rid of those clothes you have been keeping but never worn. 

I’ve Decided What to Remove, Now What?

You are feeling accomplished, and every room has a pile of items you no longer need, now you need to get them out of the house. The best way to do this is to look at the condition of each item. If it is in good condition, you can donate the item, or you can also put it on a local or national selling site to help pay for replacement items for your new home. However, if the item is in bad condition, put it straight into the trashcan.

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