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If you guessed that an area like University City is named after it’s educational institution, you’d be correct. While there is a diverse composition of residential, commercial and educational facilities throughout the city, the most notable building is the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia which has just under 3,000 students attending on an annual average. This particular university is known for it’s extensive work in shaping the Pharmaceutical industry into what it is today. As with any populated and thriving city worldwide, University City also has to keep waste management as a top priority when considering the future of the city and surrounding areas.

Best Dumpster Rental in University City PA Fortunately, has recently expanded operations into University City to provide dumpster rental services to all of the local businesses and residents. We make handling your waste a hands-free, turnkey operation on your part. We will show up at your job site with a 20-yard dumpster for you to load up any trash/junk/waste into. Materials we can accept range from lumber/timber/raw materials all the way to old car batteries, scrap metal, brick, rubber, etc. Once your bin is full and you’re done with it, we’ll head back over to load it up onto our truck and haul it off to the nearest recycling facility or landfill (depending on what you loaded the dumpster rental up with). We’re an Eco-friendly company who strives to make the most out of your trash. We sort and recycle everything we can in order to keep University City clean and healthy!

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University City dumpster rental Regardless of the industry you’re in, waste management is a universal problem for all businesses and households alike. Having a contact in the trash removal business can not only save you time but it can also save you a good amount of coin by knowing which University City dumpster rental company has the best prices and is willing to negotiate a deal with you based on volume and repeat business. A lot of people don’t allocate a budget for waste management when it comes time to start a business which can cause serious problems in the long run as dealing with the garbage your business generates from operating can be extremely expensive if you don’t follow the rules and regulations set by Philadelphia County; the last thing you want to have happen is having a heavy fine slapped on your brand new business by the city inspector by not having your waste taken care of in a sanitary fashion! Call up Eagle today and let’s go over how we can help your business when it comes to waste management.
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