Organizing A Playroom

If you have a playroom for your children at home, it can be tempting to close the door on the room at the end of each day. The idea that it will only get messed up again the next day is correct but also means the playroom will never be tidy. 

Although you have a playroom to give your child or children somewhere to play, you can use a playroom as an educational room. You can teach children from a young age about tidying their toys and making their spaces clean. 

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Having an excellent organization structure in your playroom will allow your child or children to have space to play and places for each toy to be. It will also help you to keep track of the toys that your children own and retire toys as appropriate. 

So, what are the best and easiest ways to organize your playroom? Do not despair; we have detailed some of our favorite ideas below to help you to get started.


The first step to having an organized playroom is to make sure that only what you need is in there. The best way to do this is to begin decluttering, you can do this area by area, or you can do the entire room in one. 

First, remove any broken toys. If they cannot be fixed, there is no need for them to be in your playroom. Once you have removed the broken toys, it is time to remove the toys your children have outgrown. You can do this with your children so that they feel involved in the process and do not become upset that their toys are missing. 

This is also a great way to educate your children about donating to other children and charities. 

Use Clear Storage Boxes

If you use clear storage boxes to store your children’s toys, you can more easily see where everything is. This makes it easier if your children want to play with something specific. Using clear storage boxes means you do not need to get multiple boxes out to find what is needed. More boxes being brought out to check means more chance of your children pulling out extra toys while you look. 

Clear storage boxes are also a great way to help your children clean up each night as they can put everything back easily where they can see it fits.

Have Places for their Favorites

Having spaces for their favorite toys is a great way to get children started on the idea of clearing their toys away. A favorite doll into a dollhouse each night before they go to bed is a great way to get started with organization. 


Using labels as your children get older is a great way for them to see where their toys should be. As your children get old enough to read the labels on the boxes, your children can see where each toy should go at the end of the day. If your children are younger, you could add pictures for visual cues of where toys should be.

However, as your children grow, they will inevitably outgrow the toys they currently have, so we recommend you use labels that can be easily removed from the boxes. 

Small Toys

Your children will have small toys throughout their childhood that can become problematic if left loose. We recommend making sure you have containers for these types of toys. Little storage buckets with a lid are a great idea so that if they are knocked over, there is less mess. 

Shelve the Books

We recommend you have an organized space for books, such as shelves or a book display unit. Giving your children a space in their playroom to sit quietly and read will help them to unwind and settle towards the end of the day. Having a seat or an area with nice comfortable floor pillows is a great idea, and this will help to keep books in a better condition. 

Make your Storage Accessible

While it can be tempting to buy storage solutions that save space on your floor to give more space for the children to play, they are not always the most effective. A tall storage unit will mean that your children cannot reach all of the storage areas. This makes it more difficult for them to clear up at the end of the day. 

A tall storage unit can also mean some toys will not be played with if they are in the higher containers. Or you will spend all of your time moving between the playroom and other rooms of your house to grab toys that are higher. 

Having accessible storage for your children may mean less floor space but will be invaluable in other ways. 

Move Toys that need Supervision

Messy play is an essential part of childhood, but it is not an everyday, unsupervised occurrence. Keeping toys that would make a lot of mess out of reach is especially helpful to keep your playroom organized. 

Play Mats 

Using play mats on the floor is a way of keeping the toys contained in one area of the playroom. If your children know that play is to be kept on the playmats, you will have less chance of toys being under furniture. 

Cleaning Time Games

Making cleaning time into playtime is a good way to encourage your children to clean up each evening. You can try several games to decide which works best for your children but getting the children involved in creating the game will help. 

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