Maximize Your Home to Sell

When selling your home, it is important to put your best foot forward. Staging your property in the best way possible will maximize the amount your house will sell for. It is proven that staging your property in a way that allows potential buyers to see themselves living in the property will help it to sell quickly. 

In order to stage your house in the best way, you will need to remove the day-to-day signs of your life inside your home. This is not always an easy thing to do without a professional involved, so we have gathered some top tips for how you can achieve the best presentation of your home. 

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Stage Outdoors

The first thing any prospective buyers will see of your home is the outdoor area. Therefore, it is extremely important that you give the best impression of this area. This can be achieved no matter what type of outdoor space you have. 

The first step is to ensure that your front yard is clean and tidy. Ensure that your lawn is cut and green. If your lawn is damaged, we recommend you take steps to improve this with lawn repair techniques. 

All stones and pathways leading to your home should be cleaned. There is nothing worse than mud-splattered paths with weeds poking through. A power washer is a great way to get up any grime and dirt that has dried into the stone. 

Finally, if you have bushes or trees that line the walkway to your home, we recommend you cut them back and remove any dead branches, so they look tidy also. 

Now that your prospective buyer has reached your property, they will be looking at the exterior of the house. If you have a porch or terrace, we recommend this receives the same cleaning treatment as the walkways. A pressure washer will remove any dirt from the flooring and also from any railings. 

We recommend a new coat of paint for any railings that surround your home. This will help to freshen everything up. If you have wooden sills and window frames, you should paint them also. 

Any outdoor furniture should be arranged to maximize the space and set up as if there was a group sitting outside enjoying the afternoon sun. Cleaning the upholstery of any garden furniture will help to give a great first impression. Also, we have found that houses with bright plants or flowers outside are more attractive, so adding those can be a big draw. 

For your backyard, you should give the same areas attention as in the front yard and also make it look tidy. Remove any toys, clutter, or tools so your prospective buyers can really imagine their own belongings in the garden. It will also help them to see the size of the garden. 


Moving Inside


The first thing to do in every room is to ensure that the room is clean. Wipe down all surfaces and windows to remove finger marks and other smudges, clean all of the floors, and ensure the paintwork is clean too. 


The Kitchen

When staging a kitchen, it is best to make sure that the items in the kitchen are tidy and remove any half-used jars of food or boxes of cereal. Ensuring that your cabinets are clean and tidy may not seem necessary, but prospective buyers may want to see how much they can fit into each cabinet. If you have extra items that are kept on worktops, we advise you to store them elsewhere, so you do not give the impression of the house not having enough space. 

We recommend that you leave some items out, essentials that you use regularly, such as a coffee maker and microwave oven. This will avoid the house looking too clinical and help your prospective buyers to see themselves living in the house. 


The Living Room

Ensure that the room is not cluttered. If you have sentimental items in your living room, it is helpful to store them with friends or relatives to keep the space cleaner. Furniture should be clean and arranged in a way that shows buyers how they can use the room for conversations. We advise that you pull your furniture away from the wall to give the room the illusion of more space. 

You should then add some decoration to make the room feel like a home. We like a nice vase of flowers or a plate of baked goods. These items have the added benefit of welcoming smells. Sensory touches like this will help to make prospective buyers see this as somewhere they can live. 



Bathrooms generally only receive a cursory look at the surface items, so the surface items must all be pristine. Ensure that all tiles, woodwork, and grout have been cleaned to a sparkle. There is nothing worse than seeing a dirty bathroom with stains.

Removing any personal items is a must. Half-used bars of soap or prescriptions will ruin the look you are aiming for. However, nice touches like candles or low lighting will show the room as somewhere you can relax. 



In each bedroom, you should maximize the space by having the minimum amount of furniture. Furniture should not be pushed close together or pushed into each corner. Large mirrors help to spread the light and increase the impression of space.  

Clean every inch of the room, dust, and vacuum all surfaces and flooring, making sure you get into the corners and below raised furniture. 

Additional touches you can add to bedrooms are a book on the dresser or bedside cabinet. Ensure this is only one to make the room look attractive and not a pile that looks cluttered.


Once your home has been staged, we are confident that you will see offers flying in from people who want to live in your beautiful home. 

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