Innovative Walk-In Closet Organization Ideas

While you may be lucky enough to have a walk-in closet at home, likely, this space is not being used to its fullest potential.

Perhaps you are wishing your closet looked more like a luxurious boutique, or perhaps you simply want to be able to find your favorite sweater when the weather changes. 

Whatever your current goals are for your walk-in closet, the space most likely needs to be organized.

Where To Start

The first step in organizing your walk-in closet is to empty the space. Take some time to remove everything from the closet, including all clothing, boxes, shoes, and even the random items you have dumped there in the past.

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Once the closet is empty, you can clean the space, so it is fresh and ready for the new shape to take place.

Wipe down all shelves, vacuum the floor and make sure the space is spotless.

Deciding What To Purge

You will not be able to organize your walk-in closet if you continue to hold onto items.

Organizing clothing can feel emotional, but it does not have to be. Instead of focusing on the feeling of the clothes and getting nostalgic, focus instead on practicality.

When decluttering, ask these questions:

  • Have I worn this item in the past year?
  • Does this item fit?
  • Do I like this item?
  • Is this item damaged, and will I fix it?

To keep yourself on track when decluttering the closet, place clothing into three piles: keep, donate and throw away. 

While it is best to donate old clothing, some items cannot be saved and should instead be recycled wherever possible. 

Do not hold onto items because you once loved them or because you are hoping they will fit again at some point. The best way to declutter is to focus on your current lifestyle and the current needs you have for your wardrobe, as this will prevent you from holding onto things you do not use. 

How To Maximise Closet Space

Once you have decluttered the items in your closet, it will be easier to see what space you have available in the closet.

This is a good opportunity to consider reworking the current layout and the storage solutions you are already using. Chances are, these have not been working for some time, so now you can change them to make things work with your new wardrobe.

  • Consider your vision 

Think about your vision for the wardrobe and how you want to feel as you get dressed every morning. 

If you want to feel calm and stress-free, then prioritizing organized hanging space and making sure all your most worn items are easily accessible is a must.

  • Make sure you have hanging space

No matter what you are looking for, hanging space is always going to be more beneficial than shelving, so make sure you have enough of this in your closet so you can keep organized. 

  • Use your closet’s height

Taking advantage of the height of your closet means you are taking advantage of the storage space that is already available.

You can do this by dedicating at least one wall of the closet to hanging rods, making sure they go up to the ceiling if this is possible. Double rods can be a great way to organize shirts, jackets, and pants, but a longer space is needed for dressed and formal gear.

  • Put like items together

A great way to organize your closet, and to keep it this way, is to organize like-items by categories. 

Keeping all shirts together and all bottoms together can make it easier to get ready every morning as you can move through the closet as you do so.

Another great tip is to keep your most worn items in the prominent spots of the closet, such as the hanging space at the front. You can organize your weekly outfits or work clothes in this spot so you can get ready faster than ever before.

  • Keep storage accessible

No matter what kind of storage solution you choose for your closet, from shelves to plastic boxes or container drawers, make sure it is accessible.

The easier it is to get your clothes and to put them away in their correct spot, the easiest it will be to keep your closet organized at all times. 

Some simple solutions are storing shoes on a shoe rack, where you can see everything you have clearly and can keep things in their place, or using open shelves to display hats and bags.

The storage solutions that work best for you will differ based on the space you have available. Regardless, make sure you can access items in storage and that everything has its own dedicated space.

  • Use hooks for display items

If you do not have shelving, you can install hooks for bags, hats, or jackets. This will make them easy to access and keep hanging space free for the clothing that needs it.

  • Don’t forget to organize drawers

Drawers can be a useful organizing tool for smaller items, including underwear or socks, but they only work if they are kept neat.

You can either buy or make drawer compartments to keep items separated so they will be easier to find and put away at the end of the day. If you are working on a budget, you can use old shoeboxes or cardboard to make these dividers.


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