How to Use Trees as a Privacy Measure

Garden privacy is important. Even if you trust your neighborhood and have absolutely no worries about anybody peeping on what you are doing, there is still a lot of reasons to make an enclosed cubby or block lines of sight from other gardens – it is your personal space, after all.

Trees are a very effective method of blocking people from being able to see into your garden or even the windows of your home. But how do you use them effectively to make sure that they are actually helping, and what kind of trees are best?

Using Trees for Privacy

While it can take a while for trees to grow (unless you have them planted when they are already partially grown), a tree that has developed leaves will usually be able to block a fairly large amount of space. Even half-grown trees are able to work as a natural fence, blocking access and sightlines.

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There are a lot of ways to use trees like this, depending on the kind of garden you have and what sort of style you are aiming for. You might want to line an existing fence with trees or plant them in a specific corner so that only a certain section of your garden is isolated from outside eyes.

Natural Fences

The idea of a ‘natural fence’ means that you are using trees to block off people’s vision and physical access to your garden. If they are durable enough, then they are essentially like having a hedge, just with less maintenance required on a yearly basis.

A natural fence also means that you can have nice boundaries without necessarily needing to put a real fence down. This might be better in rural areas where your property opens up to empty land – space that you might want to access without needing a wire fence behind it.

Privacy Screens

Sometimes you will want to cut off a certain area, such as a party spot that you have created to enjoy in the summer. Isolating a specific spot from your neighbors can be a nice way to make people feel comfortable if your yard connects to many others and can also help cut down on noise pollution.

Keeping parts of your property border free of trees makes it feel much more open but still lets you block lines of sight in areas that you want to keep private. This could include a shed and workshop, a sitting area, a barbeque spot, or your outdoor working spot.

Window Blinds

In certain situations, you can even use trees as extra blinds for windows. If you need natural sunlight in a room but are also concerned about privacy – especially with a first-floor room – then a tree can be a nice alternative.

For example, you might put a tree at the front of your house to block a bedroom window without having to keep the blind closed all the time. This can make a huge difference if you are concerned about being seen while changing or just want to avoid people peeping on what you are doing.

Ideal Trees

Some trees are better at being a privacy screen than others, and it is a good idea to choose one that you think will work. Remember that getting a fully-grown tree can require some landscaping, so consider renting one of our dumpsters to make the installation and planting work much easier.

Hybrid Willow

The Hybrid Willow can grow up to 10 feet per year and is very disease-resistant. This particular tree was bred to grow quickly, becoming thick enough to help block noise and keep neighbors away. Not only that, but they work as a windbreak and can even dry out muddy soil around them.

Leyland Cypress

Aside from being very pretty to look at, the Leyland Cypress is fast-growing and can offer wide coverage in a backyard. Able to reach 50 feet after about fifteen years of growth, they are a huge screen that can cover even the largest homes and are able to grow very well in a lot of conditions.

Eastern Redcedar

The Eastern Redcedar is a broad all-year-round tree that can work really well as part of a natural fence. Thanks to the very earthy colors, it can work well in rural areas and urban gardens alike, and its hardiness makes it an ideal choice in rougher weather.

Goldspire Ginko

Goldspire Ginko is short and wide but also durable, allowing it to act like a shorter fence that can easily fit both traditional gardens and their Zen counterparts. The narrow, almost pyramid-like shape gives them a unique look that no other tree can quite come close to.

Green Giant Thuja

Green Giant Thuja is one of the most popular privacy trees around. Tall and wide, they can be grown in dense rows almost like a hedge, growing so close together that there is no space for people to peek through properly. They are also surprisingly durable and great for compact gardens.

Emerald Green Thuja

Like Green Giant Thuja, Emerald Green Thuja is a great option if you have limited space. At roughly half the height, they are an even more compact option that can help you get a hedge-like fence without the extended height. They also are used for landscaping projects very often.

Sky Pencil Holly

The Sky Pencil Holly tree is very slim, offering 10 feet of height but only 2 feet of width. This makes it a great privacy option for people with almost no space and can help break up empty borders if you do not want complete isolation all around you.

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