How to Load a Rental Dumpster Correctly: The Best Tips and Tricks

So you’ve rented a dumpster and it’s time to load that dumpster. You might assume loading a dumpster is straightforward, but that’s not always the case.

Loading a dumpster can be tricky depending on the weight, size, and type of material you’re loading.

Today, we’re explaining the best tips, tricks, and strategies you can use to load any rental dumpster correctly.

Break Down Big and Bulky Items

First and most importantly, you’ll want to break down big and bulky items.

If you want to maximize space in your dumpster, then you don’t want to throw empty cardboard boxes into it. Items like book cases, shelves, and dressers can take up significantly less space when broken down. Break bigger items into smaller pieces to maximize space.

Load the Dumpster from Front to Back

Our rental dumpsters have one or two rear doors, allowing you to easily walk in and drop off your items. These doors make it easy to distribute your waste efficiently. If you want to maximize space in your dumpster, then we don’t recommend throwing items over the side walls. Instead, open the doors, walk into the dumpster, and neatly arrange your items at the front of the bin, then work your way back.

How to Load a Rental Dumpster Correctly

Avoid Overfilling a Dumpster

One of the most frequent problems we see is overfilling. Customers will stack dumpsters far beyond the side walls.

Never fill the dumpster over the top of the unit. When we pick up a dumpster, we need to securely tarp the dumpster to ensure items don’t fly out when driving to the landfill or recycling center. Your load needs to be level for this tarp to fit over the bin.

For the safety of those on the road, and for the safety of our personnel, avoid overfilling your dumpster beyond the sides of the walls.

Remember that Dumpster Rentals Can Save You Time and Money

A good dumpster rental saves time. A great dumpster rental saves time and money.

Dumpster rentals save time and money by helping you avoid endless trips to the dump. Our 20 yard bin, for example, can help you avoid approximately 10 trips to the dump. That’s 10 fewer trips where you’re wasting gas and being away from your project.

Let us take care of the dirty work while you focus on your project. Dumpster rentals aren’t free, but they can save time and money when used correctly.

Remember that Some Materials Cannot Go In Your Dumpster

All dumpster rental companies have certain prohibited materials. Typically, these rules are set by local landfills and recycling centers – not by the dumpster rental company.

Generally speaking, you will not be able to throw toxic chemicals or other hazardous materials into your roll-off dumpster. Appliances, explosives, and flammable liquids are also generally prohibited.

If you’re unsure of whether or not you can dispose of certain materials, contact your dumpster rental company before tossing things in the bin.

Choose an Ideal Loading Spot

You might rent the perfect dumpster – but your dumpster rental process becomes inefficient when you choose a subpar loading spot. You might be renovating your kitchen, for example, but place your rental dumpster on the front curb instead of your backyard. Instead of tossing things out your kitchen window into the dumpster, you need to walk to the front curb.

Our experienced crews can help you find the perfect dumpster rental location on your property. We know the best place to drop your dumpster for the most efficient waste removal experience possible.

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