How To Get Rid of Old Tires

It can be difficult to get rid of old tires because many waste management services will not accept them.

Tires are usually rejected from curbside pickup because of their shape and the fact they hold a lot of air. Holding a lot of air makes tires difficult to get rid of because it means they migrate to the surface of landfills.

However, old tires do have recycling value as long as you can find a service that will accept this material.

In this guide, we are sharing the best ways to get rid of old tires, whether you want to recycle or reuse them. 


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How To Recycle Tires Near You

Although it can be difficult to get rid of old tires through your standard curbside pickup waste removal service, there are specialized recycling organizations that accept this material.

These organizations can be found across the country, with many even offering a pickup service where they will come to your home and collect old tires for you. 

It is important to note that there is usually a fee associated with these specialized recycling services. This may be a standard pickup fee for call-outs, but some organizations will also charge you when you drop off old tires as well.

What Happens If You Do Not Want To Pay?

Most, if not all, specialized recycling centers will have some kind of charge for collecting old tires.

There are no free ways for getting rid of old tires unless you are looking to reuse them in a DIY project. The process of recycling tires is complicated, but they can be reused in many ways by the recycling center.

Recycling centers will take old tires and use them as fuel, paving material, and mulch, to name but a few. There is a good range of applications for old tires, but a specialized process is required to get them to this point.

When taking old tires to recycling centers, you not only have to consider the costs associated with this but also the fact you may require a license. Some states will require you to have a license if you are getting rid of a large number of old tires and this number can vary based on your location.

How To Find A Recycling Center Near You

  • You can search for tire recycling near you
  • Call your local recycling center to ask whether they accept tires. They may be able to recommend other locations
  • Check with your regional EPA office for tire recycling centers and facilities
  • Call your city’s service department for resources
  • Call your county’s solid waste district
  • Search for a community-hosted tire collection. May communities will host events where they will collect hard to remove waste, such as old tires, for free or at a reduced cost

Check With Local Auto Repair Stores 

Many auto repair shops will offer to recycle or take your old tires whenever you buy new ones from them. 

If a repair shop does take old tires, they will likely hand them to an EPA-certified recycler.

This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of old tires in the US, as the hard work is done for you and will be completed at the same time as getting new tires on your vehicle.

Find Creative Uses For Old Tires

If you do not want the hassle of recycling old tires or do not have access to these services, there are some fun ways you can reuse them instead.

There are many ideas across the internet for old tire DIY projects, but here are some of our favorites that you could try:

  • Upcycled tire ottoman

This is a great project that can be used both indoors and outdoors as it transforms old tires into a side table. It can also be used as a footstool, depending on the space you have. 

This is a fairly easy DIY, making it suitable for beginners, but at least one power tool is required.

  • Recycled tire ladder

This can be a great addition to an existing swing set or playground as you can use old tires for the kids to climb on. It is possible to make ladders that are suitable for children of all ages and sizes to use, depending on your skillset.

This is a more involved DIY project making it best suited to those with more experience.

  • Tire flower planter

This can be a cute addition to a rustic patio and offer a unique way to bring more color into the backyard.

You can use your old tire as a unique way to display your favorite potted plant, opting to leave it as it is for a rustic appearance or paint it in bright colors for a fun focal point.

Tires can be great for all kinds of flowers, but they should not be used for anything edible because of the chemicals they contain. This is a great DIY project that is incredibly easy and, therefore, suitable for everyone.

  • Tire swing

This classic DIY is something most of us will have experienced, and you can bring the excitement of a tire swing to the new generation.

Make sure that you are using a strong and durable frame for the tire swing, along with some sturdy rope so you can keep everyone safe.

This is an incredibly fun and easy DIY that anyone can try out.

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