How To Declutter Kitchen Countertops For Good

If you are tired of walking into the kitchen and having no space for anything, then this is the guide for you.

Many of us will find ourselves asking for more counter space whenever we walk into the kitchen because there seems to be less and less space as time goes on. Even if you have a large kitchen, counter space is highly valuable, and we could always do with more.

Whether you are cooking, cleaning, baking, or simply spending time in the kitchen, you may feel stressed by your lack of counter space. It is easy for kitchens to become cluttered, and one of the worst spaces for this is the counters.

For example, you wouldn’t be able to leave your electric stove top oven out on your curb for Brookhaven waste management to pick up.

Instead of redesigning your whole kitchen or looking into moving, you can create more space in the kitchen with a simple declutter. 

How To Declutter Kitchen Counters

1) Completely Clean The Counters

The first step in any decluttering project is to clear the space you are working in. For the kitchen, take some time to remove everything from the counters, including decorations, cooking utensils, appliances, and general clutter.

Move all items to a separate flat surface, like the dining room table or even the kitchen floor, so you can assess each separately. 

When the counters are empty, take some time to clean them with antibacterial spray and make them sparkle.

2) Choose What To Keep

Look at all of the items you have taken from the counters and determine what you truly need to keep. This means considering each item and deciding whether you use it, whether you need it and whether you even like it.

Even if you choose to keep certain appliances, they do not all need to be displayed on the counter. Consider what you need out every day and what will be used the most.

Things to consider keeping on your counter include:

  • Coffee maker
  • Toaster
  • Dish rack
  • Fruit basket
  • Container of most-used utensils
  • Microwave

Be selective with what you keep and what you choose to have displayed on the counter. Consider only the items you use every day and need instant access to as this will prevent clutter.

3) Find A Permanent Space

Once you have considered the items you are going to keep on the counters, you now need to find space for them.

Take time to find the best and most logical space for each item, a space that makes them easy to access while also giving you enough counter space for other activities.

Some ideas to consider when placing appliances include:

  • Placing the coffee maker near the cupboard where you store your mugs for easy access
  • Keep the cooking tools and utensils near the stove

When you keep items near like-items, you will be keeping the kitchen clean and preventing clutter from spreading across the counters. It will also make things easier for you as you cook, bake, and make your morning coffee every day.

4) Sort And Relocate Other Items

Now you have organized your counters, it is time to tackle the items that are left behind.

It is likely that you still have a good collection of appliances and utensils that you want to keep but do not want to have on the counters. To prevent clutter, you will need to spend time figuring out other logical places for these items, so they do not end up back on the counter.

Good ideas for permanent places include:

  • An easily accessible cabinet for less used appliances, such as the blender. Make sure to inform the rest of the family where they can be found and let them know they must put things back
  • Decorations should be hung onto the walls wherever possible, but the window sill is a great location for plants. Any other decorations should be moved to another room as the counter is too valuable to give up to décor
  • Seasonal items, such as those used around the holidays or once every few months, can be placed in the highest cabinet or on the higher shelves in the kitchen, so they are not in the way

Any appliances that you do not use should be decluttered. If they are in good condition and still work, then they can be donated, and broken items may be recycled.

How To Keep The Kitchen Organized

Decluttering the kitchen counters is a fairly quick task, but keeping them this way is not. 

The key to keeping your kitchen counters clutter-free is to organize your entire kitchen, so everything has a place. This will make it easier to put everything away once they have been used.

Keeping the kitchen clean and organized is not something you can do on your own. You will need to let the family know that you are making these changes and inform them of the new rules for the kitchen so everyone can get involved.

New Rules For The Kitchen

  • Make sure that all dirty dishes go straight into the dishwasher or the sink and are never left on the counters
  • Spend some time clearing the counters every night before bed, so you wake up to a clean, organized kitchen
  • Do not allow paperwork or anything else that does not belong in the kitchen onto the counters
  • Keep all cabinets and drawers organized, so it is easy to put things away

When the family works together, the kitchen will stay organized. 


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