How Do Junk Removal Services Work?

Eagle Dumpster Rental not only provides the leading service for roll-off container rentals in Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware, but also often is often to assist with full-service junk removal. This is common in the dumpster rental industry, where many companies offer both dumpster rentals and junk removal. Kindly read our glossary to know more about these terms.

Junk Removal Service

How does junk removal work? How much can you expect to spend? Do you really need junk removal – or should you save money by just doing it yourself? Today, we’re answering all your questions about junk removal.

What’s Included with Junk Removal

When you order junk removal, you’re essentially paying two or more people to arrive at your house with a truck and then safely dispose of your waste. With that in mind, here’s what is included with your junk removal:

  • Two professionally-dressed and insured crew members
  • Junk removal from anywhere on your property
  • Loading, lifting, and sorting
  • Disposing of items in the best and safest way, including recycling, donating, or disposing items
  • Transfer station or dump tariffs and fees
  • Gas and travel

Based on all that’s included with junk removal, most of our customers agree that pricing is very competitive. However, always make sure you get multiple quotes before you order junk removal.

Just Point at What Needs to Be Removed

How does junk removal work? We can best sum it up with one single sentence:

Just point at whatever you want us to remove!

That’s it! When Eagle Dumpster Rental arrives at a property for junk removal, the homeowner typically just points and explains what needs to be removed.

Sometimes, all of the junk is gathered in the driveway or in the yard, just waiting to be hauled away. In other cases, the junk is inside the house or needs to be collected from around the property. Whatever type of junk needs to be removed, Eagle Dumpster Rental can help.

How Junk Removal Pricing Works

Some junk removal companies charge fees based on how much space items take up in the back of the truck. For junk removal, this type of pricing is often simpler than by-weight pricing, as different items need to be disposed in different ways.

Other companies might charge by weight for junk removal. For example, if you’re only disposing of one type of junk, and it’s all going to one place, then by-weight pricing might be easiest.
Finally, some companies charge hourly rates. You pay two professional junk removal specialists for their time, and that’s it.

Pricing varies across the junk removal industry. Make sure you talk to your company before they arrive to understand their full pricing structure, including any additional pickup, removal, or disposal fees.

Self Service Versus Junk Removal

Should you rent your own dumpster and fill it up? Or should you pay a little extra for junk removal?

Self-service dumpster rentals are ideal for those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. It’s also a good choice for households undergoing longer renovation projects, where you might need to continuously throw away junk over a long period of time.

Full-service junk removal, on the other hand, is ideal for those who just want junk removed from their property without the hassle of sorting it or handling it themselves.

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