Giving Back in Cincinnati: Community Cleanups in the Time of COVID-19

The past few years have been a difficult time for everyone. The repercussions of the covid-19 pandemic will likely be felt by communities in the US for a very long time, even if it currently feels as though we are moving away from this time.

Currently, many of us are now working to create a ‘new normal,’ and this includes innovative ways to give back. 

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With many people still struggling and in need, being able to give back is more important now than ever before, but the restrictions make things difficult. This is why a lot of organizations, such as Give Back Cincinnati, are providing a socially distanced way to give back.

This is your guide to the Give Back Cincinnati initiative, ‘Quarenteering.’

What Is Give Back Cincinnati?

Give Back Cincinnati is a charity program that is focused on giving back to the community. 

It was founded in 2000 by a small group of friends who were looking for innovative ways to support their community, and the scheme has now increased to an incredible 3,000 plus members since then. These members donate their time to the cause, volunteering in schemes and programs that can improve the greater Cincinnati area.

Give Back Cincinnati’s work includes hours of volunteering in cleaning trash from public spaces, painting neighborhoods, and creating community gardens to be enjoyed by all.

Eagle Dumpster Rental has been involved with the community scheme as a sponsor since 2019 and has continued to support the scheme in its new endeavors. Eagle Dumpster has provided a dumpster for the Give Back Cincinnati’s social distance cleaning project, known as Quarenteering in Winton Woods.

The Quarenteering Volunteer Scheme

Following closures across the country due to the covid-19 pandemic, many companies have begun to operate digitally. The same has occurred for Give Back Cincinnati which had been operating digitally since the beginning of the pandemic but has been looking to do more.

In September 2020, the team organized a new kind of volunteering event as a way to give more back to the community during these difficult times.

Give Back Cincinnati arranged three socially distanced cleanups in the area during this time as a way to get the community back together and help those in need.

Eagle Dumpsters is proud to have sponsored these cleanup events by offering a dumpster for the Winston Woods cleanup program, which took place on October 10th

To ensure that the group was working in accordance with covid-19 guidelines, Give Back Cincinnati capped event attendance to prevent too many people from being in the same area, and when they arrived, volunteers were split into groups. Masks, gloves, and sanitizer were provided by the community-led group, as well as enforced social distancing between the volunteers.

Even with these restrictions in place, Give Back Cincinnati managed to do an excellent job where 100 bags of trash were collected from Winton Lake and the surrounding trails.

Feeling Inspired? How To Clean Your Neighborhood When Socially Distancing

If the efforts of Give Back Cincinnati have inspired you, then it is time to take action. Even though restrictions are still in place in many locations across the US, it is still possible to clean neighborhoods without breaking the rules. 

It is possible to do an effective cleanup of your community when socially distancing, whether you are working alone or in a group. To make sure you do a good job while also staying safe, follow these seven tips:

  1. Choose a large area for your clean up efforts where social distancing is possible, ensuring there is room for at least six feet between each volunteer
  2. Consider how many people will be in the area when you are planning to do your clean up operation, and make sure to choose a time with the least amount of traffic
  3. Take care of your own safety by wearing safety gloves when picking up trash, and make sure to properly dispose of these when you have finished your work. Carefully take off the glove by grabbing the opening on the wrist then pulling the glove towards your fingers so it is removed inside out
  4. When picking up trash, make sure to wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer frequently in between washing
  5. Encourage the other members of your group to bring their own supplies, such as gloves, trash grabbers, and trash bags, so there is no cross-contamination from sharing things
  6. Avoid touching any surfaces when picking up trash, including railings, banisters, tables, and play equipment
  7. Make sure to sanitize all gear used in the cleanup effort before going home to prevent the germs from spreading. Ensure waste is safely disposed of before leaving the area

With these tips, it is possible to arrange a volunteer cleanup during covid-19 without increasing the risk in your area. Now is a great time to give back to the community, as many people continue to struggle, and you can do this safely with diligence.

Other Ways To Make A Difference In Your Community

If you are feeling inspired to make a difference in your community, now is a great time to make a difference, as a lot of people are still struggling to create their new normal.  

Check out your local resources to find out how you can make a difference in your community. 

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