Getting Your Home Baby Ready

Expecting a new baby is a time to be excited, but there are also things you will need to do to prepare for your new arrival. This is important whether it is your first child or a happy new addition to the family. 

Getting everything ready can be daunting, whether this is because of not having done so before or because you are trying to get organized to minimize disruption for other children. To help you get your home in order for your impending arrival, we have pulled together some practical tips for getting everything done. 

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Organize your Rooms

The first thing to decide is where will the baby be sleeping after they leave your bedroom? Will they have their own room, or will they be sharing with an older sibling? Either way, we suspect you may need to make some space in the room the baby will be moving into or remove everything entirely. 

We, therefore, recommend that the first step you make is to sort through the room the baby will move into when they leave your room. It may seem counterproductive to not make a start in your own bedroom since that will be where the baby will sleep to begin with. However, the amount of space that a crib by your bed will take up in comparison to all of the items needed in the baby’s room is negligible. 

The baby’s room is the biggest task you will take on when getting your home ready for their arrival, so we have broken it down into steps, so you do not do too much all at once. 


Buy and Assemble your Furniture

After you have decided which room will become the baby’s nursery, it is time to begin planning the nursery. Whether you are planning a gender-neutral or gender-driven color scheme in your nursery, there are certain items you will definitely need for either comfort or safety. 

We advise you to make a list and separate it into categories: 

  • Must-haves
  • Safety items
  • Like to have

This will help you to prioritize which items you need to purchase first. We recommend you get furniture first as this will take the most time and space to get it into place. Once the essential furniture is in place, you will be able to see what space is left in the nursery for the items you would like to have. 


Make Space in your Room

Once the baby’s room is in order, you can then move on to your room. As we have already pointed out, the amount of space needed in your room will be much less. So, first, you need to decide where in the room the crib will go. This should be within easy reach of the bed to save you from needing to get up and out of bed frequently throughout the night. This could involve having to move furniture in your room, so it is best to make this decision early. 


General Decluttering

Nesting is an inevitable part of later pregnancy, so this is a great time to have a clear out of things you had forgotten you owned or that no longer feel necessary to keep. Even if you do not have a wishlist of items for the baby, you will likely receive more than you anticipate after you bring your baby home. This is why we recommend a general declutter in the weeks or months leading up to their arrival.

Trust us when we say it will be much easier to donate and throw away items before your baby’s arrival than afterward when you may be short on time, sleep, and inclination to do so. We advise you to ensure that items are in the rooms you want them to be in after the baby’s arrival. Anything you wish to keep but do not need regularly is stored away to give you more space in every room. It is astounding how quickly you will find baby items in every room, so the more space, the better. 


Organize your Nursery

We recommend you prepare the nursery well, even though the baby will be in your room for a while at the beginning. Preparing before the baby is at home with you gives you more time to enjoy with them when they are here. 

Organization is important to make your adjustment to having a newborn as easy as it can possibly be. Some simple, inexpensive ways to organize the nursery are: 

  • Clothes dividers – not everyone will buy you newborn clothes, so dividers on the clothes rail with the age of the clothes is an easy way to quickly put your hands on the age you need. 
  • Drawer organizers – we love drawer organizers to keep socks, vests, and other small things together. You will likely go through several of these items daily at the beginning, so drawers can quickly become messy and items hard to find. 
  • Shelves – shelves are a great way to organize certain items in a room and have the added bonus of being visible at all times so you can easily see what you need.



Once your house is in order and your bag packed for the hospital, all there is to do is relax and wait for your new bundle of joy to arrive. We, therefore, recommend that the sooner you can get your home ready, the better as the further into your pregnancy you are, the more tired you may become. 


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