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Technically considered a Borough in Delaware County, East Lansdowne PA is a small area which was incorporated in 1911. It’s home to a diverse group of people in both a financial and cultural standpoint. It is most notably famous for being the “oldest 4th of July parade in Delaware County, PA. One great thing about the way the borough operates is that they have a very defined set of rules for waste management. All of the recycling is sorted and sent off to the local recycling center in order for it to be reused wherever applicable. While they do a great job with smaller residential loads of trash there are some jobs the city just isn’t equipped to deal with on a volume basis.

Best Dumpster Rental in East Lansdowne PA This is where a company like Eagle dumpster rental comes in to play. If you have a large-scale job that requires a large volume of waste to be removed, sorted by garbage and recycling, then taken to the appropriate facility, we’re the company you’re looking for. Our 60-foot garbage bins will be delivered on-site the day you need it and we’ll also take care of hauling the load off to the waste management facilities for sorting and processing. We’ve dealt with everything from a few large tree-stumps all the way down to thousands of pounds of metal. There’s no job too big or too small that we can’t find a solution for, and we offer the lowest prices on East Lansdowne PA dumpster rental around. Don’t believe us? Give us a call today and get a quick quote from us to see for yourself. We also won’t ever give you an unexpected bill or try and squeeze a few extra bucks out of you or your company; what we quote is what we pay and that’s our promise to you.

Low-Priced Dumpster Rental East Lansdowne PA

20-Yard Dumpsters: The Perfect Size For Your Job

East Lansdowne dumpster rental Our flat-bed trucks are designed to transport, drop off, and pick up 60 foot dumpsters to all types of job sites on any terrain. A 60-foot dumpster has a huge volume of space to fill up and can take several tons of junk before it needs to be hauled off to the dump. We gladly take a huge variety of materials including old appliances, lumber, old roofing, tiles, drywall, dirt, gravel, tires, car batteries, etc. We stick to Delaware County waste management protocol as well so your garbage wile be taken care to regulation standards.

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