America Recycles Day Inspires Thousands To Take Recycling Pledge

The average American generates 4.6 pounds of trash every day, and yet less than half of this is recycled. This is a huge problem but one that many people are not even aware of.

This is where Keep America Beautiful comes in with their America Recycles Day, which will take place every November. This organized national event is a way to get people interested and inspired in regards to how they handle their trash, showing the impact our waste can have on the environment and aiming towards a brighter future.

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About Keep America Beautiful

Keep America Beautiful (KAB) is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to educating and inspiring people across the nation to contribute to more beautiful communities.

This organization aims to get people inspired to take better care of their local communities and environments, which will have a larger impact over time. KAB works with communities across the United States, providing educational services as well as events as a way to get people interested in their local environments.

As part of their efforts, Keep America Beautiful and its chapters across the nation celebrate America Recycles Day on November 15 every year.

What Is America Recycles Day?

America Recycles Day is a nationally recognized day that is dedicated to both promoting and celebrating recycling efforts throughout the United States.

On America Recycles Day, which is organized and covered by KAB, events take place across the nation intending to educate neighbors, friends, and colleagues about recycling. 

Each year, there is a new focus for America Recycles Day as a way for KAB to educate people across the nation and to keep people interested. 

For example, in 2019, all events were focused on increasing the national recycling rate, which at the time was 34%. As part of these events, the KAB encouraged people across the nation to take the #BeRecycled Pledge, which was their way of showing their dedication to improving local communities and, therefore, the wider environment.

On every America Recycles Day, events take place which aim to educate people across the nation about recycling, the benefits of this act, and what happens to our trash once it has been thrown away.

Keep America Beautiful believes that educating people about their impact is the best way to see change, as many people are not even aware of what happens to their trash once it has been thrown away. By showing the impact of every piece of trash and how recycling can improve this, KAB intends to increase the recycling rate, and this is a goal that becomes closer every America Recycles Day.

How To Celebrate America Recycles Day

In honor of America Recycles Day, communities across the country host their own events and take part in larger KAB actions with the shared goal of improving the environment.

Communities will host a range of recycling activities, along with educational seminars as a way to celebrate this nationally-recognized day. As this is a national event, you can get involved with America Recycles Day no matter where you are based.

To get an idea of what will be happening this upcoming America Recycles Day, we need to take a look at past events. 

For example, for the 2019 America Recycles Day, which was focused on increasing the recycling rate, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful hosted a Litter Summit. During this summit, local attendees were able to connect with experts in the field to learn about how litter impacts the environment, as well as learn new ways to recycle that could benefit local communities.

In the same year, Keep Nashville Beautiful reported record numbers for their recycling efforts. Keep Nashville Beautiful, which is an unofficial chapter of Keep America Beautiful, hosts a year-long recycling program as they have a recycling bin in select grocery stores.

These recycling bins are used all year round and collect paper products, such as magazines or newspapers. Following the 2019 America Recycles Day, Keep Nashville Beautiful reported record numbers for their recycling program, which had recycled more than 425,000 tons of paper at the time.

How Can I Recycle Better?

America Recycles Day aims to educate local communities across the country on better ways to recycle. As so much waste is generated every day across the country, an easy way to reduce our impact on the environment is to make sure as much trash as possible is being recycled.

Ahead of America Recycles Day, you may be considering how you can improve your habits for the betterment of your local community and environment. Although this is a nationally-recognized day for recycling, you should not save your efforts for just one day of the year.

Recycling is something that we can partake in every day, and it is this continued effort that will have the most impact.

If you are looking to be more eco-friendly and reduce your impact on the world around you, then you should consider improving the way you recycle. KAB has lots of resources that can help with this, but there are also some ways you can start alone. 

Recycling requires consideration, and you may have to spend more time with your trash than you do now. Considering what is being thrown in the trashcan, what can be used again, and what is widely recycled in your area is a good place to start if you want to be better at recycling.


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