About The Ground-breaking Tool For Ocean Planning

The Mid Atlantic Ocean Data Portal is a ground-breaking resource that can be used by a range of industries for ocean planning.

The ocean is one of the biggest natural resources on the planet and, because of this, has experienced a lot of pressure over the years, which continues to contribute to global issues. 

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From travel to fishing and beyond, marine life in the Atlantic Ocean is struggling to keep up with the demands of modern life, which has inspired the work of the Mid Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean (MARCO) in the development of this new, online portal.

What is The Mid Atlantic Ocean Data Portal?

The Mid Atlantic Ocean Data Portal is an online toolkit developed by the official council of the Mid Atlantic, MARCO, as a way to conserve resources.

This toolkit is designed as a way for state, federal, and local users to see the current ocean usage, which can then be used in ocean planning. The portal provides information on the ocean resources as well as human use of the Mid Atlantic in real-time, so ocean planning can take place.

With this information, details such as fishing grounds, recreational areas, shipping lanes, energy sites, and other uses of the ocean are public knowledge and can contribute to better conservation of the ocean.

It is a way of ensuring these resources can be shared with all who need them, as well as highlighting the areas of concern.

How Does The Mid Atlantic Ocean Data Portal Work?

The portal is an online resource that offers essential information regarding the current use of the Mid Atlantic resources.

Logging on to the online portal will provide users with information regarding shipping regions, fishing areas, habitat areas, and other essential information which contributes to sustainable ocean planning.

The portal was developed and is run by the Mid Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean, also known as MARCO. It is an ocean management system that can be accessed by state, federal, and local users for ocean planning of the area.

It covers the five-state Mid-Atlantic region, offering essential data and state-of-the-art mapping which can contribute to sustainable ocean planning on a greater scale. 

To provide such an extensive toolkit, there are many contributors to the Mid Atlantic Ocean Data Portal, such as Monmouth University Urban Coast Institute, The Nature Conservatory, the Center for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis from Rutgers University, and Ecotrust.

All of these organizations work under MARCO to provide up-to-date information and live mapping of the Mid Atlantic Region.

The portal was made possible with donations and funding from organizations, including grant support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation as well as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

What Does This Mean For The Environment?

The purpose of the Mid Atlantic Ocean Data Portal is to support regional ocean planning.

The data provided by contributors to the portal is used as a way to allow for more sustainable use of the ocean and its resources. Ocean and marine planning can take place by taking the current ecosystem of the environment and uses from across the region into account.

It is a way of preserving the natural landscape and ensuring there are enough resources to go around.

Water is the biggest natural resource on the planet, and all oceans have taken a hit over the years in terms of excessive use from travelers, the fishing industry, and other pollutants. 

Working with MARCO, the organizations involved with the Mid Atlantic Ocean Data Portal are aiming to protect this five-state region and ensure that it can still contribute to various industries in the future.

Effective marine planning is the best way to conserve what natural resources are remaining while still getting the necessary use out of them for the moment. 

The contributors to the Mid Atlantic Ocean Data Portal are providing businesses, states, and residents with essential information regarding this amazing natural resource, ensuring it will continue to be healthy for a long time.

As it is an online toolkit, the portal is easily accessible and is designed to be flexible so it can be tailored to suit stakeholders’ needs. This is an effective tool for conservation and tracking the use of natural resources, which MARCO hopes will inspire other councils across the globe to move the same way.

Do Your Bit For The Ocean

While you may not have any connection to the Mid Atlantic fishing industry or any other stakeholder that relies on the Mid Atlantic Ocean Data Portal for ocean planning, you can still contribute to the conservation of this natural resource.

Water is one of the most commonly used resources at home, and the average American uses tens of thousands of gallons per year. This is a large dent for the environment, not to mention a huge impact on your energy bills, so you may want to reconsider your water usage.

There are some simple ways that you can be more sustainable in terms of your water usage, and there are many tips to be found online. Whether you want to replace your showerhead with a low-flow alternative, collect rainwater to be used in the garden, or even reduce your consumption of fish, there are many ways you can change your habits to be better for the environment. 

Even the smallest of efforts can make a difference, so why not make a change today?

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