Dumpster Rental Pricing for Somerset County, NJ

We have 3 dumpster sizes:

A  12-yard or 15-yard dumpster is $525 that price includes one ton of prepaid trash. A 20 yard or a 30-yard dumpster is 117 dollars more or $625 BUT that includes TWO tons of prepaid trash. So the base rate (often called the HAUL rate) is the same for all of the cans, the only difference is with the 12-yard and 15-yard you have prepaid for 1 ton of trash, and with the 20-yard or 30-yard you have prepaid for 2 tons of trash. Once you are done we will pull the dumpster and weigh it at the dump. If you are over the prepaid amount of trash you will be charged 131 dollars a ton for the portion of the ton that you exceeded, rounded to 1/10 ton increments. The rental fee allows you to keep the dumpster on-site for 7 days at no extra charge. After 7 days the charge is $10.00 per day. There are no taxes and the delivery and removal are included in the cost.

We welcome Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and most debit cards. Payment of the quoted amount is required prior to delivery of the dumpster.  IF you need the dumpster for an early start PLEASE get it delivered the day before.

To expedite your order please fill the form below and submit and let us know a good day and time to call to gather the payment information.


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