11 Storage Solutions For Small Bathrooms

If you have a small main bathroom, then you will be aware of how difficult it can be to keep things organized. With such a small blueprint, there is usually no available space for storage solutions which can make your bathroom appear untidy at all times.

As the whole family uses the bathroom, this space is likely full of various bathing products, cleaning supplies, and additional products that simply have no space to go.

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Luckily, there are some options for you. Not all storage solutions have to take up a lot of space, and we are going to share the best space-saving storage options that can be used in even the smallest bathrooms.

Six Bathroom Remodels For Small Bathrooms

If you are dealing with a small bathroom blueprint, then nothing you can buy at the store is going to improve this. Instead, there are some remodels that will need to take place, and these are the top six options for small bathrooms:

  • Install A Corner Sink

You can occupy space that isn’t being used and therefore save the main floor space by installing a corner sink instead of your traditional vanity.

  • Swap The Bathtub For A Shower

A bathtub takes up a large portion of your bathroom, so if you are struggling with space, this should be the first thing to go. 

A shower can be a much better option for small bathrooms, and there are several options, including a curved corner shower that will make use of unused space or a walk-in shower for a seamless addition.

  • Extended Counter Over Toilet

If your sink and vanity are located next to the toilet, you can easily extend the storage space you currently have by adding a counter between the two.

With an extended counter over the back of the toilet, you will now have more space at the vanity without having to change too much about the bathroom. This can be one of the cheaper bathroom remodels and an easy one to DIY, yet still highly effective.

If this is a good option for you, make sure to leave enough space at the back of the toilet so you can lift away the lid if needed.

  • Install Shelves Between Studs

You can use the existing space in your bathroom to install recessed shelves, which can be a great storage solution. Recessed shelves, also called a wall niche, are built-in shelves which are the same width as the alcoves or studs in your bathroom.

This will be done by cutting a cavity into the drywall and building a custom shelving unit to fit this space. This way, you can have shelving to keep products organized without taking up too much space in the bathroom.

  • Remove The Swinging Shower Door

If you already have a shower in your bathroom, you can easily save space by replacing the door

Showers with a swinging door take up a lot of room, but this can be easily resolved by removing it. Replace the swinging door with a sliding option or create a wet room for more space in the bathroom.

  • Choose A Pocket Door

Likewise, replacing your traditional bathroom door with a sliding option can be a great way to save space.

Top Five Storage Solutions For Small Bathrooms

As well as these remodeling ideas, there are also some storage options for your small bathroom that you should consider.

  • Choose A Vanity With Storage

Your furniture may be misused in the bathroom as these can be a great storage solution. Most bathrooms will have a vanity of some kind or, at the very least, space for one under the sink. 

When choosing furniture for this space, make sure to choose a vanity that has storage, such as a cabinet or shelving.

  • Replace Your Mirror With A Medicine Cabinet

You will need a mirror in the bathroom, but similar to the furniture you choose for the bathroom, a mirror can also be a useful storage area with some consideration.

Instead of a traditional, flat mirror, you should opt for a medicine cabinet with mirrored doors as this will offer additional storage for smaller products and help keep the vanity clear.

  • Install A Shelf Over The Door

When you are working in a small bathroom, you will need to think outside of the box to find the best storage solutions. This is why a shelf over the bathroom door can be a great option, but it requires you to look up and not just around the bathroom for available space.

A small shelf above the bathroom door can be used for items that are not required every day but are still needed in the bathroom, such as guest towels or decorations.

  • Hang Towel Racks Over The Door

Using the door is a great way to save space in the bathroom as this is something that has to be included in the room, so it might as well be useful.

Instead of occupying the small amount of wall space that you have available in the bathroom, use the door to hang towel racks. On the door, you can hang two or three towel racks vertically.

  • Use Space Over The Toilet

This can be easily done by adding a cabinet or small shelving unit over the toilet where you can keep essentials. 


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