Automated Garbage Collection

New Automated Garbage Collection
Garbage cart delivery for Moline residents is now complete. All Moline residents should now be using their new cart.

Residents should discontinue use of their old containers and cans immediately, and transfer any garbage to the new cart. The City will no longer collect garbage from other containers. Typical household garbage may be placed in the cart as long as it fits under the lid. Please allow at least 3 feet of clearance around the cart to allow for proper collection.
During the two week period following receipt of their new garbage cart, residents may set out their old empty containers beside their new cart for free pick-up and disposal by the City. Only empty containers will be disposed of. The City will use a manual truck to collect the empty containers. Residents may also wish to keep their old containers and reuse them for storage of sporting equipment, dog food or birdseed.

Residents who lease carts (Herbie Curbies) from Whittinghill Refuse Equipment must make arrangement with Whittinghill (1-800-747-8441) for termination of the lease and pick-up of those carts. The City of Moline recognizes that residents may be experiencing difficulty in making contact with Whittinghill Refuse. In an effort to assist residents, the City of Moline will be storing those Herbie Curbie containers that are set out for disposal. The containers will be stored in the city’s warehouse, and will be made available should Whittinghill Refuse decide to reclaim their containers. Only those Herbie Curbie containers that are in good condition will be stored at the city’s warehouse. Containers will be stored by the City for a limited time.

For questions about the new carts or automated garbage collection program, residents may call the Public Works Department at 309-797-0780.Click here for more information on garbage guidelines.

About Automated Garbage Collection
At the October 25 meeting, Moline City Council voted to move the City to an automated garbage collection system to be implemented in the spring of 2006. Automated garbage trucks have an arm that extends from the truck and picks up specialized 48 or 96 gallon carts. Only one worker is needed to run the truck, compared to the two needed now to dispose of trash with the rear-loading garbage trucks.
Under the new system, the City will provide each customer with a 96 gallon cart*. The refuse carts will be owned and maintained by the City. Additional carts will be available for a one-time charge of $46.00. There will be an additional fee of $35 annually for the extra volume. This fee will be placed on the customer’s sewer/water bill. So, are you interested to know about the residential dumpster rental prices?

Custom arrangements will be evaluated and implemented as needed for the collection of refuse from customers who are not able to handle a refuse cart due to physical limitations. Some residences will not be able to utilize the automated service due to refuse truck access restrictions. These customers will place trash at their setout points in the City provided carts and will be picked up utilizing the semi-automated (tipper) function on City’s rear loading trucks.

Upon implementation of the new solid waste collection program, customers are no longer be allowed to use their current garbage cans, carts, or “Herbie” containers. The City will pick up and dispose of customer’s old cans and carts at no charge for the first two weeks of the new system. Customers who are currently leasing “Herbie” carts from Whittinghill Refuse Equipment must make arrangements with Whittinghill (1-800-747-8441) for termination of the lease and pickup of those carts.

Special Pickups
Each residence will be provided one special pick-up service per year at no charge. This special pick-up will be scheduled by the customer with the City’s Public Works Department at 309-797-0780. Additional special pick-ups will be provided at a charge of $25.00. Customers can coordinate with each other to get multiple free special pick-ups per year.

Yardwaste Collection
Weekly collection of yardwaste, utilizing appropriate bags, is provided during the growing season and is proposed to remain unchanged at this time. Bundled brush will continue to be picked up weekly in four (4) foot lengths, no greater than one (1) foot in diameter. Unbundled and larger piles require prepayment of a $65 fee to the Moline Finance Office, 1616 – 6th Avenue.

The City of Moline will purchase five automated trucks using funds from the 2006 budget, and approximately 17,500 carts. Funding for the carts ($790,000) will be borrowed at 3.5% interest from the capital improvement project reserves, for a period of eight years. Implementation of the refuse cart system will be by the end of June 2006. The City’s current sanitation vehicles have the capability to collect the new refuse carts. July/August 2006 will be the start up date for the one-man automated garbage trucks. By implementing the entire City to a cart system first, the transition to an automated collection system with the new trucks will be seamless to customers.

Want more information on automated collection? Booklets will be available at the above listed locations (Annex, Southeast Library, Public Works Facility). You may also call the Public Works Department at 309-797-0780 with questions. Information was sent by mail to each household with city water bills during the months of January – March.
Advantages of Automated Garbage Collection
Automated garbage collection and the use of a refuse cart will be more convenient for most customers. Customers can schedule a free pick-up when it is most convenient for them. Neighbors can work together and schedule multiple special pick-ups per year based on numerous addresses.
Automated garbage collection provides a safer work environment for refuse workers. Workers will no longer suffer from leg, back and shoulder injuries that plague the current collection system. Workers operating the automated trucks will no longer face the risk of injuries from hypodermic needles, broken glass and other sharps hidden in plastic refuse bags.

There will be less litter around refuse storage areas and setout points as the carts are nearly animal proof. The reduction in scattered refuse will reduce the convenient food source for rats, crows, dogs and other urban scavengers.

Worker productivity is much higher and the refuse collection workforce will be reduced from eleven employees to seven employees; all of which will be provided other job opportunities within the City.
Worker compensation costs will be reduced as the automated system is safer and virtually eliminates the lifting injuries common to manual refuse collection.

Projected savings to the City is approximately $100,000 annually.

Additional Waste Disposal Options for Moline Residents

Recycling Drop-Off Centers
The City provides a Recycling Drop-Off Center at the Public Works Facility (3635 4th Avenue) and at Harold's landing at North Shore Drive and 26th Street.
The facility accepts paper, glass, plastics, metals and cardboard.

Appliance (White Goods) Collection
The City in conjunction with Rock Island County provides a free collection service for household appliances (white goods). Collection is scheduled on an appointment basis by calling (800) 917-1969.

Tire Collection
The City in conjunction with Rock Island County provides a free collection service for used tires.
Collection is arranged on an appointment basis by calling (800) 917-1969.

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
Rock Island County in conjunction with Scott County in Iowa, provides a free disposal service for household hazardous wastes. Disposal is arranged by calling (563) 381-1300.

Written by Sean Murphy, Associated News

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